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Hi. Is there a way of reducing the general tree density ? MSFS seems to put large, dense trees anywhere there are any trees at all, and the UK isn’t really like that ; it has forests, but odd trees are often just odd small trees.

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It’s not a bug - it’s a feature !

A picture / example would help here ! There are a lot of inappropriate trees in a lot of places. Also, the size of trees not always matches reality. In some large cities there are (too many) trees in the streets…

When a scenery is properly mapped, you will have areas where trees are allowed (generated) and areas where they are not allowed. Tree density and tree size can be set, MSFS will show it. But that is all expensive handwork, it is too much work to do it everywhere. I noticed some places in Amsterdam have trees very similar to the trees in reality. Beautiful. But that is all handcraft, they cannot do that for the planet…

In the AI composed scenery elsewhere, MSFS shows trees based on e.g. the count of dark green dots on aerials and satellite images. The counting decides… and it can be corrected by programmers for large regions. I suggest you put a few pictures in the reality-MSFS compare topic, or a Zendesk ticket about UK’s countryside. You are the expert, they are not… Programmers can change AI conditions for trees. I don’t know details how they correct things, but it could all be server-side work: these conditions may be set live in a database somewhere, not requiring any new updates.

It would be nice if there was a means to submit corrections to the environment in general.

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The trees ! Yes they are not satisfying in some places. But there is a mod solution:

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NB: I’ve posted this in another topic a few days ago:

Tree density is preset in files (most likely). For example:


<BiomeRule name="Cactus" speciesInstancesPerHectar="200" artificialSurfacesScaleFactor="0.6">
		<Species name="scrub" spawnRatio="1">
			<Color r=".7" g=".8" b=".7"/>
		<Species name="cactus" spawnRatio="1">
			<Color r=".7" g=".8" b=".7"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Baja California desert"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Chihuahuan desert"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Gulf of California xeric scrub"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Tamaulipan matorral"/>
<BiomeRule name="Conifer_Cold" speciesInstancesPerHectar="700" artificialSurfacesScaleFactor="0.6">
  • speciesInstancesPerHectar=“200”
    this is self explicit

  • Species name=“scrub” spawnRatio=“1”
    this is, mostly likely, the percentage of this type over the region (here 100%)


<BiomeRule name="Deciduous_Cities" speciesInstancesPerHectar="700" onlyArtificialAreas="yes">
<!-- Low deciduous trees in artificial areas -->
		<Species name="deciduous_small"/>
		<Species name="scrub" spawnRatio="0.75"/>
		<Species name="scrub_big" spawnRatio="0.15"/>
		<Species name="shrub" spawnRatio=".25"/>


<Species name="conifercool">
		<Variation spawnRatio="1">

Thanks I will do that. Where I live is quite handy because it is partly rural agriculture with odd trees, and partly forest.

If you’d like a really nice payware solution you could check out Bijan Habashi Seasons. He does a lot of updates and it makes for a nice flying environment worldwide. It’s really great and I would highly recommend it.

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I bought his original release, but he’s now asking for more money for this one (reduced fee due to upgrade).
I bought it the v5, but I find it in bad taste.

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You need to log in to the account you bought it originally and download it. If you bought the 4 pack season, all updates are free.
Instead of posting here, just let me know the issue. I never asked you to pay extra.

Thank you for being so active with updates. It takes so much time and dedication to make things like this better.

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Hi. Having done some flying and cross checking with Google Earth, what seems to be happening is the AI is picking up ordinary hedges that are maybe 6 foot tall or so, wihich have the odd tree (like this Google Maps for example) and replacing it with fairly densely packed full size trees. Pretty much all of rural England is like this apart from areas which are actual forests.

The problem with this is it makes VFR flight using road navigation a bit difficult, as the roads are regularly lost in thick patches of trees that aren’t actually there.

Does your mod fix this or should I try the file mods suggested above ?

Hi Paul,
To follow the forum rules, please ask the same question in my own thread here so I can answer the question.

Edit: Yes, I do have control to adjust density in any place.

I know I’ve submitted a couple of Zendesk reports on this matter already, complete with pictures - one of them was last year, but I’ve yet to see any improvement.

Thanks for the tips, I’ve noticed this more lately flying lower with the H135 in my area. The tree density is just ridiculous.

Will the product come into other stores than SimMarket? Thanks.

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