U-turn bug still not fixed

The famous U-turn bug is not fixed after 7 updates.

The aircraft still goes back 180 degres when selecting an approach after the last enroute waypoint.

This is a real basic issue making IFR flight impossible or far away from reality.

I reported that, with a simple way to reproduce the issue, several times to MSFS zendesk with no answer except a stupid and false “solved” issue. For me “solved” means “solved” and not just “reported to the team”.

We are now waiting for a flight simulator and not for a scenery simulator. MSFS should change their priorities to fix issues.


It’s an annoying bug to be sure. The fact it’s still present is mind boggling. I wish the Working Title team would fix it in their G1000/3000 mods. The GNS530 mod actually fixed it, but that GPS unit is only available in a couple of planes.

There’s a way to work around the bug though. It requires a few steps as I’ve detailed in this post.

:wink: I’m the programmer behinds the GNS530 MOD so I know the workarounds (and with side effects).

Now the purpose of this topic is really to make MSFS team finally correct this stupid and annoying bug.
Thanks to everybody to help me in this way by making pressure.
Send them a Zendesk report, reply to this post, like it, etc…


COMPLETELY agree. Your phrase “We are now waiting for a flight simulator and not for a scenery simulator” sums up perfectly what is wrong about MSFS.


And you’ve done a wonderful job with it. It makes flying the Mooney and steam gauge C172 so much nicer. You’ve made a ton of great changes, but even if you had only made 1 change - fixing that bug - it would 100% be worth it.

Thank you.


Actually in the G1000/3000 mods the bug is also partially fixed at least.
If you get the approach from ATC and then add the the procedure and ACTIVATE it immediately.
If you select load because there is another fix to fly to before the IAF then you unfortunately still get the U-turn.

But the main point is of course correct instead of trimming the grass infront of the WH or painting the flower pots ASOBO should work on fixing the aviation part of their flight sim and not cause more issues with each update such as the spinning HDG bug or now 1° bank angle :frowning:


I still get it with the modded G1000/3000. Was flying a direct A to B route in the TBM last night. Got my approach, entered, activated, and got turned around to the new ghost waypoint it created behind me. Had to select my approach and activate the next leg to get back on course.

I have done it quite a few ties with the DA62 and G1000 mod, and even after the latest update last night flying the ILS Y to GCFV.

So as I said they partially fixed it may be even more partially than I thought.

Last night JUST as I had that happen, someone made a forum post about it which I replied to with a screen shot to show him how to activate a leg.

You can see in my screen shot that it created that waypoint behind me that I had to try to bypass.

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After your help last night I tried it and it worked just fine. Did it again this am with no problem, but …the flight plan was simple and the waypoint I wanted to avoid was well ahead of me. Maybe if the waypoint to be avoided is off to the side or is already behind you might be the issue. Will give it a try.

I have found that once you enter an approach with a specific transition you cannot skip any of the waypoints after the Initial Approach Fix. That is what I was trying to do. In a test flight from KDET to KPTK after setting the approach, the waypoints are:
(Don’t know why GUVZY is listed twice)

I can skip KHUNA and straighten out the flight path because it’s prior to the IAF, but I can’t Skip GUZVY to get to FAVLI which is what I wanted to do. GUZVY is the IAF.

Had the same Problem flying from KGTU to KAUS with a waypoint of KEDC then onto Austin, but it took me on a big U turn to set of the approach. I wanted to skip the IAF, but no dice.

I think not being able to bypass points in the approach is a flaw. It worked in another sim in the G1000. I could be mistaken, but it seems to me that you should be able to control the entire flight path.

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I Just tried it in the C172 G1000 and you can skip the IAF, but not in the G3000.

I too get the u turn. I have tried flying from Boeing Field (KBFI) to Portland (KPDX) on the HELNS Six arrival to the ILS 28 L approach with the REEDI transition. The last fix of the arrival is the Battle Ground VOR (BTG). Then the plane will get to REEDI, then either try to fly to HELNS fix or when it goes to the next fix HPSTR then it loops back to REEDI over and over. I did fly from KHIO to KPDX last night VFR coming into the BTG VOR and then ILS 28L approach with no problem. I am going to try flying from KBFI with manually entering the HELNS Six approval and see if it flies fine. I am thinking there is some bug where the sim thinks the arrival is part of the approach and gets confused as I have done approaches into smaller airports that don’t have an arrival just an approach and have had no problems.

If you missed it, there is a thread to upvote this bug…

Maybe something for the Q&A this week? The bugs&issues thread isn’t new but still not solved.

right now it is in position 23 of the bug list and still marked as “not started / backlog”

Feedback Snapshot - Microsoft Flight Simulator

I wonder when work will start on fixing some key bugs like this.

My personal opinion is that world updates should be second priority and only when those problems are resolved.

The current strategy of leaving bugs behind is preventing the high quality addons from entering the market and making MSFS the de facto sim not only for VFR but also for IFR.


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