UPDATE FAIL during decompressing asobo-airport-kmco-orlando-0.1.51.fspatch

I have MSF on XBOX GamePass for PC When updating for patch the installer stays stopped for hours and hours in the decompression of asobo-airport-kmco-orlando-0.1.51.fspatch It does not advance or download anything I can never finish updating, what do I do?

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
When launching the FS from XBOX I wait that it automatically looks for the update and when updating it stops there.

`PC specs:
Ryzen 3400g 16gb RAM Mother A320 GTX 1660 Super

There could be many reasons including with your internet provider. Downloading after midnight always worked for me.

If I left it overnight but never finished unzipping that, at that time it does not download any files

All else I can suggest is that you run MSFS as administrator, if that doesn’t help then you should contact Asobo through Zendesk.

Did you try to delete that specific file first?

I can’t direct you to it, cause I don’t know where it gets stored on the PC. Maybe someone else knows. But if you never tried to delete it, it might be stuck on a faulty download.

If you pause the download and exit the sim, then remove that particular .fspatch/fspackage file from your install location, then restart the sim and it should try again on that file.

The file will be located in the location chosen on the main install screen of MSFS. The default locations are shown below, but this may vary if you’ve chosen a custom install path:
Windows Store install:
Steam install:
%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages
Boxed version install:

Go to that folder and find the /Official/[OneStore or Steam] folder. In there, if you can find the file ending in .fspatch or .fspackage that is causing you issues, delete it, and restart the sim. It should then resume the install and redownload those problem files.

That should fix the problem, though you may have to repeat the process a few times with different files it gets stuck on


Thanks for the solution I now play FS

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Funny that you just help others to solve the issues or problems that should be done or fixed by the makers of MSFS which are Asobo and MS.:thinking::crazy_face:

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I’ve seen this a number of times, more often than not with the Carenado Seminole for some reason.

but I have a question c what is the sim card of the pc

and if there are multiple folders ending in .fspatch

Mod Edit (original text):
mais j ai une question c est quoi la carte sim du pc

et si il y a plusieurs dossiers finissant par .fspatch

Jore when you say leave the sim card. Stp

Mod edit (original text):
jore quand ta dit quitter la carte sim . stp