[UPDATE 2.0] Vessels: The Virgin Islands | Seafront Simulations

UPDATED! Version 2.0 available now via the Marketplace for PC and Xbox!

The Virgin Islands pack has received a free feature update to include new moving, landable ships with hard decks around the islands.

The Virgin Islands also has big performance fixes since it suffered with bug in SU9 which has now been resolved. This has allowed us to add additional traffic around some of the quieter islands.

This update includes:

  • Additional Coastal Leisure Traffic
  • Several New Cruise and Cargo ships (with moving hard decks)
  • A Ticonderoga Class Cruiser of the US Navy with moving hard deck.
  • Tidied Several Areas
  • 3rd Party Compatibility Improvements.

NOTE:Make Sure you update to the latest Vessels Core Library (v1.13)

Be sure to check for a Marshaller near the helideck before you attempt the landing as it will signify if the model is solid or not.