Update 5 expectations

Can not wait for the update Tuesday but can anybody shed any light on my what we should expect if we are gpu bottlenecked.

I’m currently gpu bottlenecked with a 3070 gpu and a 7 3700x cpu running mainly medium settings with a couple on high, I only fly in vr, reverb g2, my card is running at 100% all the time.

I believe the update is mainly to optimise the cpu and how that runs the game so my question is mainly to help us who are currently bottlenecked by the gpu, I totally understand that we just won’t know until the day how things will pan out but lacking any sort of computer knowledge, only what I’ve learnt since November I would like a pointer of what sort of impact the update will have for gpu bottleneckers at the moment, if any ?

Thank you all for any input.

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