Update v1.2 released! BN2 Islander available now from Blackbox Simulation

Appreciate the offer! Would be great to get this orange and teal one in if possible.

Or if you already have mostly private liveries, maybe something from 80’s commercial aviation?

My wallet is waiting.


Can’t wait for this. It’s one of my essentials. Just hoping you include G-BLDV in Loganair colours for the Orkney Islands!!!

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yes indeed…Aerosoft Twotter will be out Jun/Jul I think

I have been waiting for an Islander, so this is very, very welcome. Now I just need a Dornier 228 and the island-hopping fleet will be complete :smiley:

Hope you folks will have a paint kit, because I have plenty of historical Japanese liveries I’d love to make :smiley:

Britten-Norman Islander. This is me flying one to St. Barts:


Would give ANYTHING to see this livery:
image image


Good news!

Hope you consider the GN750 integration of this one (GPS for MSFS2020)
Like Justflight did with the Piper Arrow.



I second that. :wink:

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The ability to cycle available nav options would be great too. I love to fly with just VOR, ADF and DME. Having the GPS sitting there makes it all feel a little redundant, especially if it just turns on along with the avionics!

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Your choice to use Navaids and Ignore GPS
You CAN Turn it off :wink:

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Grew up seeing bn2 islanders passing up and down our house.I may definitely pick this up!
Flight 1 had the best rendition of the plane in FSX in terms of the exterior modeling but this still looks decent!

My own photos of the real thing sorry they are tiny.It was a crappy camera.This was taking about 7 years ago.Loud machine on takeoff.Never flown on one but my folks flew on them back in the day.They described it as noise deafening

image image


The version simulated is BN-2A with 300hp engines? The variant produced between 1969 and 1978?

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100 % working cockpit? If no, pass.

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When might this beauty release?

Excited to see this!

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Thank you for your reply! Here are a couple very nice private liveries…

Brown and Tan

Green Gold Red

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Cannot wait. I have been often on this plane visiting the Aran Islands. This livery would be a dream come true.


Another Blackbox’s INCOMPLETE adoon?

It has been 10, yes, TEN years already since they started to work on Airbus series for FSX/P3D , released it if I’m correct in ~2012 in alpha stage and after all those years it didn’t even reach a good, flyable state, read v1.0.
While all old simmers know good enough what they can expect from BBS, I would encourage people who never heard about this company and their addons to do a digging around.

Sorry for salty comment, I wish I could be more positive here but reality is reality and unless you don’t mind to throw away $50 to fountain and wishing for luck, it’s better to warn people who are newcomers to this hobby or just didn’t have a change to hear about this company.


The Birddog is pretty complete and I strongly believe the islander will be too. I am tired of reading the same old comment. Past is the past, let us leave it there. The author of this and the recently released plane has shown over and over again more care and support for their product than many MSFS developers out there. I choose to judge the developer based on the most recent experience, which has been really positive so far.


Sorry but it isn’t a story that ended while ago. It is right now and right here.
The story of never ending incomplete continues until now.
Neither it is a matter of just one incomplete versus one complete and flyble product.

Airbus A318 & A319
Airbus A320 & A321
Airbus A330
Airbus A340

None of them is complete or even flyble in some reasonable manner.

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