Update v1.2 released! BN2 Islander available now from Blackbox Simulation

See the operators list at the end Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander - Wikipedia

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Like haemorrhoids :slight_smile:

Wow. Looks like it was (and still is) operated all over - plenty of places I didn’t expect (Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia…). Gonna be fun tracking down images of those liveries - in the hope Blackbox makes a paint kit available!

Thank you for that link! :+1:

that looks so unsafe! I love it!


I too would like the option to get rid of the gps on the panel. If nothing more than to make it look more “original”.

this option will not be available sorry . .
Most Islanders have some form of GPS Nowadays and some even have full glass cockpit


If you find a way to include support for PMS50’s GTN750, it would be amazing though.


LOL personally, I would love the full glass one, but I’ll take whatever comes :slight_smile:


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Looking great! Can’t wait! :+1:

Question for BBS - will you be including the BN2T turboprop variant?

Not at this time but there are plans for a future Variant
possibly even an Ugly Trilander LOL


hooray…would be great to have alongside!

Have been hoping for this aircraft ever since MSFS came out. Really enjoyed the Islander in FSX from Flight1, and some 25 years ago actually created one myself with BAO Flight Shop that was then used and repainted by quite a few people. Looking forward to flying this current one in the East Frisian Islands scenery, so thanks in advance to BBS. Also I definitely second the request for PMS50 GTN750 enabling.

Oke, few days have past, nothing besides this post, there is nothing on your website or facebook?

This is not the best way to manage the expectations in my mind. :thinking:

Were you hoping for hourly updates?


Trislander - oh pretty please! And they’re not ugly, just ‘distinguished’ :smile:


I think the polite term is ‘functional’. :wink: Amazingly (to me, at least) it’s still in production IRL. 50 years, and still going strong.


Certainly a unique machine! First time I sat in one I was shocked - think it’s the longest, narrowest aircraft I’ve ever seen!

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Please find some patience …
I dont recall making any firm commitment to the exact number of days :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


PLEASE Dont take me out of context … ALL I said was “possibility” :slight_smile:

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