Updating MSFS


I’ve finally bought MSFS few days ago and when starting it, message tells me that We are looking for updates. A few updates are shown and i wonder if i have to install them or it’s done by Microsoft. If i have to do it, how to do it?. Thanks.

Real (Boomy Mender 7090)

@BoomyMender7090, there are instructions here - is that what you want? Cheers.

I must agree. The updating process is still tedious and confusing!

1st) I am redirected to MS Store where I must download a Mandatory Update (about 1Gb this time), than
2nd) Immediately on restart of MSFS it downloads ANOTHER 5+ GiB, and when I finally get into the game home THEN…
3rd) I need to go to My Profile > Content Manager and do those updates too!

CORRECTION: Also forgot to mention…

4th) needed to go to FULL CATALOG to download Nordics update 3.53 GiB !!! …REALLY???

^^^ Seriously… this is ridiculous and needs to be consolidated and simplified, the steps 1 & 2 & 4

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