Upgrade to Alder Lake or wait for DirectX12 improvements?

In most cases, like landing challenges, bush trips and high altitude flights I get a decent 60FPS with Digital Foundry’s optimised settings at 4K, but when at or approaching most airports, or flying over big cities I’m very much CPU bound. I don’t have an adaptive synch monitor, so it’s important to reach that 60FPS minimum. The New York landing challenge is a great test for the CPU, I start off at 60+ then as I approach in can dip into the high 40s.

Having seen this video, I saw the i5-12600K achieves between 60-80FPS on the New York landing challenge approach (though it very briefly dipped to 49, it would have been good to see what it dropped to closer to the airport). This would suggest that even this CPU isn’t up to the task, which I find surprising.

Having just upgraded my graphics card I’m reluctant to spend another 470GPB on a motherboard and CPU upgrade, and was wondering if older generation CPUs with 6+ cores will be better utilised once DirectX12 is properly implemented. Any thoughts?

Intel Core i9-9700KF
RTX 3080
32GB 3200Mz RAM
Dell UltraSharp 32 4K U3219Q (60Hz)

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You are linking DF’s 16 month old video, there have been a whole lot of changes since then


Is there a more recent optimisation guide?

If you’re main-thread limited, DX12 likely won’t help; it will only affect the render thread.

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What would help then a cpu upgrade???

I wouldn’t upgrade anything awhile!

Given the state of the sim now I’d wait another while.

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I know it’s unasked for but i’d spend that money on a g-sync monitor, it’s a game changer. As credentials, I play FPS’s and 60hz is unacceptable to me in that context, it has half the visual information available versus 120 hz and I want those extra frames available for my decision making.

MSFS does not require millisecond decision making, so lower framerates are not distracting. Bad frame pacing like you’d see at 55fps on a non-gsync monitor is definitely distracting, and g-sync solves this perfectly. In MSFS I don’t even notice when I dip to 40fps unless I’ve looking at FPS counter.


Seriously – if you’re getting 40+ FPS on 4k, why on earth is the OP worried about performance?? Save your $$, please!!!


If you turn V-sync on in NVCP without any frame caps the pacing is much better

Ye exactly that’s what I also thought it’s just the sim causing all this problems

Like I have a high end system rtx 3070 I7-9700 16GB ram

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Thanks all, you’re right. I was using the 60Hz monitor as I had it for work, and I felt it when it dropped below 60fps.

I’ve just bitten the bullet and ordered the Samsung Odyssey G7 27". It’s a drop in resolution but the adaptive synch should we a worthwhile tradeoff. I don’t mind the smaller screen, 32" is too big when you’re little over a foot away.


I finally was able to buy DDR5 Memory and upgraded from my 10700K to the 12700K this weekend

Huge difference. I gained 10 FPS. Same settings and flight route from JFK to Manhatten.

I moved from restricted to main thread to a more balanced siutation.


@DesignerClock63 Nice one! Glad it was worth the upgrade for you.

I got my Samsung G7 and not happy with the 1440p after experiencing 4k. The adaptive sync is great though.

Checkout the series of posts from @Grabber523 in this thread:

The concept he presents makes a lot of sense. Helped me (and others) a great deal.


I’ve read about half and I’ve got the gist. Basically increasing the load on the GPU to allow the CPU headroom, by aiming for 32ms on the GPU. He doesn’t have a variable refresh monitor and he caps his FPS to 30. This is aimed at reducing stuttering, at the expense of FPS. He’s of the opinion that FPS above 30 is wasted, but everyone’s different.


What’s different is the type of game you are playing. For shooter games where you need fast reactions you want as high fps as possible. For MSFS you want smooth flying, no stutters , jerks, etc. @grabber523 is absolutely right and your eyes cannot detect anything above about 30fps. fps is used by all the performance measurement guys but it is misleading most people for msfs.

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That’s so not true. I was capped at 30FPS for many months before I upgraded my GPU and now I’m at 60FPS I can say from experience I can absolutely see a difference. Maybe not at 30,000ft when you’re not panning, but that’s not what I spend most time doing.

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I’m looking at bitting the bullet and getting the G7 also.
I’m upgrading from a 24’ 1080p that I used on my previous build.
I noticed the monitor is a 240 Hz monitor, and I’m worried about flickering in the simulator because MSFS is almost impossible to get up to those frame rates. So I worry about running a program at 40fps on a 240 HZ monitor.
Have you noticed any flickering or such with the G7 while playing MSFS?


One thing that is obvious from benchmarks is that ddr5 is a must

I returned my G7, I don’t know if I had a bad copy but the colours were dim and not vibrant. Even at 100% brightness I couldn’t get the whites to display white after hours of trying different settings.

That aside, one thing you need to be prepared for is the extreme curve radius. I love curved monitors, but this was too much. Also note that curved panels are only really curved in the middle third, the sides are flat. So to a 1000R curve that is mostly in the middle of the screen is really distracting.

In place of my G7 I got a Gigabyte M32U. I’ve only been using it a couple of hours but it’s already clear it’s a much better display. In my experience I think IPS panels are the way to go.

Having said all that, you will really appreciate 1440p after 1080p, it’s definitely the way to go, and with MSFS the bigger the screen the better.

But to answer your question, there was no issue with flickering at all while playing MSFS at between 35 and 100FPS. The adaptive synch makes the lower frame rates a non-issue. I didn’t even know flickering was an issue with high refresh rate panels, I’ve not heard anything about that. Of course at low FPS you will get choppiness, but that’s not the monitor’s fault.

Unless you really want 240Hz and an extreme curve I would consider a flat or less-curved 144Hz alternative, there are plenty of 27-28" panes out there in this category.

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