Vatsim traffic at night

how to run the script, i’ve copied into notepad, and saved as .py but no luck in executing it?

You’ll need a program to run the python script, such as anaconda.
Download that here Anaconda | Individual Edition and then run it.

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Yeah downloaded python on MS store, changed the path but it didn’t change any of the system.cfg files in the ivao xcsl folder

Try downloading anaconda. Python might not have the package you need to run the PY script.
Iv not seen the script yet, but il check and try to assist you buddie…

Sadly the script didn’t work for me. Tried multiple airports with various aircrafts.

set path to
path = “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\ivao_x-csl\SimObjects\Airplanes”

run scipt in pyh, see cmd promt box appear for a split second as if its executed, but nothing changes in the folder

Lights for VATSIM/IVAO aircraft after WU6 - Hotfix » Microsoft Flight Simulator


thanks!! this worked i also have this for invisible aircraft Invisible IVAO aircraft after WU6 - Hotfix » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Yesterday this worked really well to me. Except that the A321s was still invisible even though I had the invisible mod installed. Today however most of the acft (if any) have lights… Is this working concistent to you?

I spoke too soon it can be very hit and miss sometimes there are no lights and then boom they all have lights very unusual. but I guess it’s better than nothing.

and invisible aircraft i believe is still affecting some aircraft even with this fix i think i cut someone off last night on final and didn’t even see the plane. which was an A320N odly enough in a fedex livery ill have to re-test it and maybe work on the model matching files

Be nice if Asobo would allow any information to be released if this fix does transfer over third party network injected traffic.

Fixed a bug that prevented Live/AI aircrafts lights from showing

I really hope it works also with vatsim!

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Anyone else still experiencing this issue after SU6? Didn’t seem to fix the issue.

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i just ran the update with no mods in the folder and no model matching and went on Vatsim lights were working with no mods. will re-load with community folder fingers crossed

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for me its not working :frowning:

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Also not working for me. There is another thread on the same topic

still hit and miss some lights some not back to the drawing board

Only see the airplanes when on runway but the landing lights and then when the plane take off you see a big ball flashing on the sky. Like the size of those avatars on the forum. I did notice some performance but not vatsim lights. Hopefully, it is fix when PMDG release the 737.

There is two things I am waiting for in the simulator (PMDG 737) and model matching but like Ultimate Traffic for VATSIM. With those two I am good to go.

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Just been at Heathrow…lights seem to be working for planes taking off , but all planes heading into Heathrow and landing only had landing lights, no strobes and no navigation lights, so things definitely still broken on Vatsim

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Discussion over here now regarding light sync issue and VatSim/vPilot.