Video - Please watch. Russia - Moscow - Putin

Hello. Please watch my new video. Filmed very beautiful Russian city in day and night, Also in video Putin =). In Microsoft flight simulator 2020 :

Youtube link

Hope you will like the video.



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Thank you steve300764

Nice! I did not have the scenery add on so for me it looked like this :confused:

The Kremlin is there but doesn’t match the aerial image underneath, St Basils and the rest is all missing.

I go by Russia in this leg of my tour

I very much enjoyed exploring all the Russian cities along the way!

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SvenZ yes you can see in description i use Moscow scenery from 2020 Drzewiecki Design
cost not so much

Individually the add-ons don’t cost that much, however since I’m planning to visit most countries in the world it would quickly become a money pit and a nightmare to manage all the add-ons from different places.

It looks great. Maybe at some point we can have a subscription service for add-ons with them staying in the cloud and downloading the relevant ones to the rolling cache for where you are flying.

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