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I like the tool bar but would also like a full screen view with out the white ‘arrow’ any chance we can toggle that in the future?..

Before update 5 it faded away after a few seconds of inactive mouse movement. Now it seems stuck showing most of the time. I have had a few flights where it went away but it always comes back and for the past few flights has stayed. If you open another window like the VFR map or Weather it disappears but then comes back when you close the window… Think it might be a little bugged right now.

still there for me… rather intrusive

Backup file named ToolBar.css


After that go to


In notepad++ or notepad open file named ToolBar.css
Go to line 46 (opacity)
Change 1 to 0



Save changes and run MSFS :wink:

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press up arrow, it dissapears, until you move the mouse

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Seriously?! Up arrow, and that’s by default without editing the ToolBar.css?? :heart_eyes: :laughing:

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Up, down. right, left arrow key :slight_smile:
Source >


There is also This mod no handle bar
Takes away the white bar but the icons still appear if you mouse upto the top of the screen
Works with the latest fs update

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