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Hello community! When I install third-party scenery from external websites like 3D phogrameteried cities I get CTDs. I upgraded soon from 8gb RAM to 16GB and the problem still exists. I dont have problem while loading the original 3D photogrammeteried cities(tested over New York, works fine). I got the sim installed on my SSD drive. I read about the virtual memory in the troubleshooting section and I have a few questions about it.

  1. I havent reinstalled my OS since I upgraded the ram so when I check the system C drive virtual memory it says 12GBs. When I did the maths 102481.5 I realised it hasnt updated since I upgraded to 16GBs.So my question is: Should I increase the VM from 12GBs to 24GBs(1024161,5) for better performance or I should keep it as now?
  2. Can I put VM on my disk where MSFS20 is located or it must be on the C drive (windows 10) for better peformance?

you should :wink: ( and possible MUST )

Well known and you find many posts about.

I will not repeat me again, thus short link

EDIT: and possible also this thread give you more input

Old school Windows management says put the pagefile on a separate physical disk, and preferably on a separate controller channel from where the OS resides.

The thing about Pagefiles is that it’s really designed to do two things, a) take over infrequently accessed memory space sessions (pages if you will) to free up active, faster RAM for currently active (up front ) applications, and b) be large enough to provide a Crash Dump File (capturing the entirety of what was in memory plus diagnostics) should something happen and forensics is needed.

That really means anywhere from 1.5-2x Physical RAM in 64-Bit Windows. Ideally, 3x physical RAM.

normaly “system managed” do that. But often one part the the increament rule is broken and thus windows does not auto-increase to what we need.

The rules for MAX I mentioned as example in former linked thread:

3 × RAM or 4 GB, whichever is larger. This is then limited to the volume size ÷ 8. However, it can grow to within 1 GB of free space on the volume if required for crash dump settings.

Thus… if he have enought free space he can try “system managed” . BUT I recommend a manual setting with at least 4min/20max or best somewhat like 25min/25max.

( => or much better more RAM … these usage of pagefile will kill each SSD :wink: )

It’s really demand paging. A little bit of monitoring of the disk subsystem is required to determine if your pagefile is too small. Given cost per GB and smaller SSD capacities in the field, a balance needs to be considered.

I got my Windows 10 installed on a HDD. So if I increase the VM from 12GBs to 16GBs (as my physical one) i would get 32GBs overall?

yes,… “RAM + Pagefile” is your overall memory.

You can try 16, but better is 20GIG Max Value.

But not sure about performance of pagefile at a HDD in case the pagefile must be so huge.

PS: a performance test might be the new London :wink:

Intial size and Maximum size should be both put on 16GBs ?


because you have a HDD ( not SSD ) where your pagefile lies, I recommend Min/Max same. This avoid a to high Fragmentation of pagefile.

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