VOTE: Your TOP 10 Favorite Helicopters (& Other Rotorcraft)

Have a few only,

  1. Lama
  2. Alouette III
  3. Mini
    4 .47g
    5 .47j

and i am shure Taog´s Huey will be No1 in future :wink:


Thanks for the DCS OH-6A recommendation. That thing is a blast!

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I’m coming back to this topic after a little while. My list is very short:

  1. Inibuilds Bell 47J

I decided to dedicate my helo flight time to a single one and the Bell 47J won me over with its great visibility, great model, initially challenging flight model, and overall history.

I play on Xbox using the controller and have had issues with the control scheme. I tried the bespoke gamepad scheme, but had trouble with the anti-torque pedals. I kept spinning out of control. I am using the helicopter assists, by the way.

So I used the standard controls, which worked okay, but I missed how the collective is controlled by the right stick in the bespoke scheme, and I kept finding myself flying through the air like a pendulum, swinging fore and aft. I took a second look at the bespoke helicopter gamepad scheme and learned that the triggers increment the anti-torque pedals – I need to tap them rather than hold them.

Suddenly everything started working better. I could fly more smoothly, hover a lot more easily and steadily, and land a lot more softly.

I’ve reduced the bespoke scheme’s left stick sensitivity and control is even better. Finally, I started using the rotor trim enabled by the controls, which make longer flights easier and sometimes helps on hovering too.

Now I know that the real Bell 47 did not have a governor, but I enable it anyway (although I’ve flown without it and it’s okay), nor did it have rotor trim. For that matter, I use the cyclic and tail rotor assists. I’m willing to compromise to be able to sit in my recliner and play this game on a 65 inch TV.

Interestingly, my customized control scheme is too sensitive for me for the Cabri G2, which I still fly occasionally and very much like. My custom scheme does seem to work okay with the Asobo Bell 407, which I’m also enjoying flying from time to time.

Nevertheless, the majority of my MSFS 2020 time for the past two months has been in the Bell 47J, which I am enjoying immensely!

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The SimFocus Bell 407 mod has really turned this default helo around and made it a favorite lately: Simfocus Bell 407 Improvement Mod -


This kind of collaboration (for a FREE mod, no less) is really cool!

From the simfocus web page:

Huge thanks to everyone who helped in this mod’s development!

Exil35, thanks for extensive help with coding the systems, and for creating the flightmodel (as well as lots of research on performance, equations and putting it all together.)

Davux3, thanks for help with coding the MGT and the Slip-ball.

GotGravel, thanks for letting us use your VRS/RBS code.

MikPyt, thanks for help with coding and tweaking the xml part of things, as well as figuring out needle split.


Yeh it’s pretty cool. Flew it a few hours in a group flight a couple of evenings ago.
Something weird though is that you can do 160+ knots (180) and not get into RBS. Handy for catching up in group flights though!

I set fire to the engine a couple of times lol. No visual flames sadly but I tried!

Funny. They warn you that RBS is coded. Maybe they got knots/mph mixed up.

From Wiki: Maximum speed: 140 kn (160 mph, 260 km/h)

Max maneuvering speed doesn’t mean that anything above that will cause RBS. It may be higher than ~200kts. The problem with trying to implement the fringe aerodynamic effects is that there isn’t a lot of real world data to base it on. Pilots fly to try and avoid these phenomenon because bad things happen when they are encountered in the real world, and unfortunately a lot of pilots that encounter these effects don’t live to tell about it. They may test during certification, but even then it’s risky. The B525 Relentless has been delayed due to fatal crashes testing at the edge of the flight envelope and that is a very modern, advanced machine with testing done under modern, controlled conditions.

This is why I feel things like simulating RBS & VRS don’t carry as much weight as the community puts on them. When you train for your certifications in the real world, you learn the techniques to avoid these conditions.

If you are flying along in the 407 and you realize you are approaching/exceeding 140kts, back off the speed. That is what you would do in the real machine, and that is a more realistic way to approach the simulation.