VR and reading glasses question(s)

I’m thinking about buying a VR headset but…
Will it work for people like me with reading glasses ( +1.0 correction)?
On top of that: what would be the influence of a lazy eye ( no idea what the correct translation is for the dutch ‘lui rechteroog’).
Have my eyes checked lately and it was 120% left, 80% right.
In the real world I only need the glasses for reading papers en monitors.
Everything further than 50 cm > infinit is razer sharp.
Hope someone can clarify this…


You don’t need reading glasses in VR. The focal length is such that your normal distance prescription covers it. I normally wear progressives, but I bought prescription inserts for my HMD which are distance only.

You’ll probably be fine without glasses or inserts.

Thanks for your rapid clear answer :+1:
This helped me to make the leap to VR!

Happy flying

In the rift s my glasses fit under. My index has no room for glasses so i bought these: https://vroptiker.de/

I am satisfied with the result

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I use VROptitian.com.

There is another thread in which the possible need for some reading glass correction has been discussed if one has serious presbyopia (age-related inability to focus close up). I am 75 and need +2.5 OD correction to read at ~40 cm so I thought that even if the virtual image was placed 1.5 to 2 m out, I still might need ~+0.5 to +1.0 OD help. But I got my G2 today and things look pretty good in the sweet spot without wearing my glasses (I have “perfect” far distance vision thanks to cataract surgery in both eyes). VR-Optician replied to my query about my severe presbyopia that they usually only make their custom inserts based on the far distance part of the prescription but since the spherical plastic inserts in my eyes don’t correct a mild astigmatism, I will probably see even better in the G2 with custom headset lenses to correct my astigmatism - based on a new prescription when it’s safe to get one.

Post with chart showing how needed diopter correction falls off at short range distances:

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Thank you very much for your indepth detailed answer sir :+1:
With this I’m convinced that it’s going to be the HP Reverb G2.
Thanks again and… Happy flying :small_airplane:

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