VR and Reverb G2 Launch

I’m not suggesting any grand conspiracy. Asobo did media that suggested VR would be ready for the G2 release. Asobo represents MS. HP did media that suggested the same.

Suddenly that seemed to change into “you might get VR beta if you’re lucky”, if not wait an unspecified amount of time. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe it’s just failing to manage customer’s expectations.


I still get these feelings 6 years later.:grin:
Check out my vids…reminds me I need to drop new sim content

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I wouldn’t say I’m a typical gamer (more simmer), but I played all the classic ones like Duke Nukem (made also a private level for it) UT, etc.

What people don’t grasp about VR is…

Its not just a matter of viewing method, its a virtual place its a mood when you are sitting in the cockpit of a 737 at 6pm in the summer over the South China Sea headed to Hong Kong from Taiwan. The clouds the sounds the light of the sun setting bouncing off your cockpit interior. You could simply throw on some nice music or fiddle with virtual windows or you can just enjoy the ride. VR creates virtual places and memories of certain moods in the mind.


same here, I didn’t get an invite email.

I also preordered the Reverb G2 back in July as an improvement over my Samsung Odyssey Plus. No VR Beta, no HP Reverb G2, no Ampere/RDNA2 :frowning:

to drown my frustration I just bought Half Life Alyx VR on the Steam Halloween sale, last minute. I must be the last one to get it…

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According to the official announcement which was posted on October 1st.

Edit: I can’t see previous revisions from the website, but I’ve checked the forum announcement and there have been no revisions. Meaning that the announcement post is the same as it was when it was first posted.

I mean, let’s be honest here. At the pace the last beta went, by the time anyone actually has a Reverb G2 in hand, this might be released. I know I ordered my Reverb in, what, June? and I still don’t know when it’s going to arrive.

I know it’s frustrating sometimes, but I don’t think there’s any deception here. Let’s let the developers move through as quickly and with as high quality as they can. I’m definitely psyched to see VR in action!

I still haven’t tried Half Life VR either.
It looks too linear for my tastes.
As far as the VR beta, nothing new! None of the technically seasoned VR folks I know got an invite.
People like Tony and Dan from FlyInside are the testers needed on that level of VR experience.
I’m starting to see a pattern with alot of things testing QA/QC related with this new sim.
They aren’t exactly getting the most fruitful knowledgeable beta testers in or they are just blatantly ignoring alot of beta observations and reports.
Alot of people want the BEST and want to share their technical experience to make this the best.
So I can only imagine the frustration with alot of you Alpha Testers.
Who were extremely effective in testing and submitting observations and reports.

I cancelled my order, fed up with waiting and no prospect of VR in MSFS for a long time. I can use the 550 pounds better elsewhere.

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It may be not totally wrong… follow my point: when I need to develop something, VR in MSFS20 for example, I will go to find on the market possibly the best developers and testers; while when I need to beta test with “common users” that’s what I need.

The top experts are not what I need in the public beta, they have to be involved months, if not years, before. Beta test have to be done with common users, not with the best in class. Otherwise you will get a lot of reports on something very particular but may totally miss stupid bugs that experts won’t come across, because they are in fact the most trained.

Nothing strange to me on the choice, from this point of view. What they need in the beta group are common people.


That’s totally not the case seeing the outcome with the release quality of this sim, but to each his own.:rofl::beers:

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My guess is that they will leave the application open for exactly this reason. They said the sim would be VR ready in time for the release of the G2, and many people ordered the G2 on the back of that news. The G2 headsets are now being shipped, and so it would be something of a broken promise if not everybody who has one (or any WMR headset) gets in to the Beta.

I guess the right question to ask here is: Is there anybody who had a WMR headset plugged in when they did their DXDiag, who did not make it into the VR beta? (provided you meet the other requirements).


Jorg Neumann’s own words were “we intend to release VR alongside the new HP Reverb G2”. Maybe a clumsy choice of words, which should have been “our limited, closed VR beta might come around the same time as the G2”.

This got picked up by dozens of media outlets who ran articles like this

“The HP Reverb G2 will be compatible at launch, other devices to follow”

Reputable gaming media Tweeted this kind of stuff to their 7.6 million followers

No doubt HP sold a lot of headsets on the back of this.

If false information was being spread far and wide, I think Asobo / MS could have done more to clarify sooner. There’s no way the MS MSFS team couldn’t have been aware of this stuff.


I don’t think there’s deception here. They had a target for themselves - VR release by G2 release. But VR implementation is taking longer than expected, so it didn’t happen.

Bummer for those who bought a G2 with the expectation that they’d be using it for MSFS when they got it. But that’s all it is – a delay. A delay of possibly a few weeks, maybe longer.

Should ASOBO allow all those with WMR headsets into the Beta? Yes. We’ll see if that happens. But in the end, they won’t have screwed anybody over just because they released VR a little late.


Hold on there. The quote was “We intend to release…”. That some media write “will be compatible at lanch” (for a juicy clickbaity headline), and people believing questionable media coverage over the real words is up to them. Not MS or Asobo.

Where was that quote from Jorg from btw? Was it on a livestream, or an official media announcement? (curious, I honestly don’t know)


Good Point. On the hunt for advertising money and tracking the users, almost all media turn a topic into a Clickbaiting-Babuschka. I basically only trust what the source says.

In the video on the first post about 2:40.

I agree btw. I’m partly kicking myself that I got suckered in by bad reporting; taking Tweets from IGN etc at face value. At the time it seemed like getting a G2 would have a nice bonus of getting MSFS VR a few weeks or months early, and I didn’t dig deeper. I don’t normally fall for stuff like this.

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We see what we want to see! I thought I’d be playing MSFS in VR by mid September. Oops XD

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To be fair, it’s easy to fall for it, especially if it aligns with something you’re really excited about.
Don’t worry though, it will release, and from the specs I’ve seen so far the Reverb looks to be a pretty darned nice piece of kit.

I’ve made it a point to never pre-order anything. I always wait for 3rd party reviews. It means I’m going to have to wait a couple of weeks/months longer to get my hands on stuff, but it prevents me from being burned, or annoyed when the product doesn’t end up meeting the hype.

Me too normally, but the delays to get new shiny stuff due to Covid swayed me.

For extra context. If we believe Eurogamer, Jorg Neumann talked to them directly and confirmed that VR would be coming to the G2 first. It wasn’t just the media making stuff up, MS were specifically briefing them.

(I think I read this article at the time)

While VR support isn’t exclusive to the headset [G2] it will make its first appearance there before rolling out to other headsets. “We’re starting with them,” Microsoft’s head of Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann told Eurogamear.”