VR Performance expeted for 3700X/3080/64GB RAM (WMR/HPG2)

Hi folks,

I’m fairly new to VR and for the last two weeks I’ve been trying to get it to work decently for MSFS2020.

My headset is an HP Reverb G2 plugged to a computer with the following specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU
  • NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE
  • 64GB of 3200MHz RAM
  • Game is installed in a Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD NVMe M.2

I’ve watched pretty much every tutorial that’s out there and can’t get my sim to run at a framerate that doesn’t make me sick. OpenXR overlay shows high 20s or low 30s most of the time. I forced it to render at 70% scale with 50% sharpening and DEPTH reprojection in-game and in some scenarios I get 40-42 fps but that’s rare.

In-game graphic settings don’t seem to make much difference.

I’m fully aware of the fact that my PC is no longer a “high end” machine but what performance should I expect to squeeze out of this components?

Thank you!

I have a 5800X3D paired with a 3080 12GB and a Reverb G2
I get around 40 FPS ± 5 depending on the situation and plane. I am using DLSS Quality and everything else at 100% without upscaling and the rest on High/Ultra.
I don’t use Motion Reprojection and I also don’t use OpenXR as it makes my sim stutter more than without.
So for starters I would try to uninstall OpenXR and switch to DLSS Quality and see if it makes any difference.

Doesn’t seem right, it’s a long read but we’ll worth it How to Optimise MSFS for VR - Channel LFD

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Right. I didn’t even know removing OpenXR was an option. I didn’t see DLSS available. Is that in the beta only?

If you have a G2 they watch this well respected YouTuber, COMPLETE VR SET UP | Microsoft Flight Simulator | WMR | HP REVERB G2 | Essential VR part 5 - YouTube

Disregard the comment to “remove OpenXR”. MSFS uses OpenXR, full stop.

I would second checking out various other guides and suggestions, you are likely to find people’s suggested settings with similar hardware to use as a starting point.

I will just share that with my G2, using 3080 and 5600X, with 100% OXR resolution (3088px vertical) , DLSS-Quality, various midlevel MSFS graphics settings, and OXR Toolkit with NIS85% upscaling and FFR Quality-Wide, I get “good enough” performance and quality, minimum 45 fps and often more, and it’s consistently smooth.
NB MSFS has forced me to reset my VR expectations… 90 fps just ain’t happening yet.

As @Tossy64 said, disregard my comment. I thought you were using the OpenXR Toolkit - this is the thing I uninstalled. You need OXR to run VR with WMR of course.
DLSS should be in your graphics option under Anti Aliasing.

Thanks! I was able to find DLSS yesterday and boy, what a difference it made. I’m at 75% NIS and get around 40-45 fps which makes a huge difference already.

I can’t stand FFR though so I’ll have to tone down some of the settings based on the YouTube video you guys shared.

The overlay from OXR toolkit shows I’m CPU bound at the moment which I totally expected.

Thanks again!

I don’t think that Toolkit CPU Bound message is accurate. Also it’s CPU framtime values aren’t telling the whole story. See the toolkit discussion thread.

While turning your settings, I suggest you turn off TK overlay, enable WMR frame timing overlay to see where you have headroom and adjust from there. Once you’re happy, stop checking FPS and enjoy the skies.

Too bad you don’t like FFR, it’s the easiest free FPS you can get in VR, if you’re GPU bound.

I will hang me on this topic.
I think about to upgrade from 2070S to 4080 but I’m not sure, it the CPU is the root cause for my issues.

3700x at the moment, and I think twice to give the 5600X a try first.
B550 motherboard can handle it.

I’ve just ordered a 5800X for €258 from Amazon, seems a great deal

Instead of overclocking my 3800X I’ll be undervolting the 5 … the wife gets the old one (for facebook) :rofl:

The performence is the same for 5800x compared to 5600x (except you need the additional cores for differen multicore work)

Yeah for sure but so are the prices - I also don’t play at 1080p and I record and edit video so 8 cores wins

He’s right about next gen but I have two AM4 boards and a gpu not good enough to justify a 5800X yet alone an X3D at the prices they ask.

Then thats the better deal if you edit videos.
I play only on 1080p except the Sim, here I use VR and at the moment I think I need to manage the CPU bottleneck.
So the 5600X would be the better option for me.

Don’t forget there’s 5 -10 fps to be won with SMT disabled, I wouldn’t want to try that with just 6 threads.

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This is a very nice hint! Thanks! I disabled SMT now, and now it is nearly just limited by GPU.
CPU is running at round about 40% (8 threads)

Live weather on.


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