VR settings that work for me - Reverb G2, RTX 2080Ti, R3900x

As I wrote I already rolled back to 446.14. That made a noticeable difference. Are you saying 446.14 is even better?

The performance drop when changing the render scaling to 100% is definitely GPU bound. The dev tools FPS counter confirms that. I get CPU bound when going below 50%.

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O sorry, no just read over that line. Anything at or before 460.89 should do the trick, I’m running a 3080 so I can’t go back sadly.

Did you try raising the custom render scale in OpenXR dev tools with a lower value (or your current one) for the render scale in MSFS? On Oculus that trick will allow you to push clarity a bit higher.

I tried a lot of things, but I can try again and verify if it’s better. But I think it’s just like with LCD screens. Anything except the native resolution is blurry. I know about the barrel reprojection, but still.
The difference on for example the G3000 between all combinations of SS and TTA and just 100% + 100% is enormous. Only on the latter it’s actually crisp just like on my monitor (4k 43’’ 100% render scale).

Ok, well I would try anyway :slight_smile: , but right now upgrading your video card will only present you with the new driver issue, so for now that will only make things worse.

With my Quest 2 I can actually make things clearer when using super sampling.

Tried it. I don’t see much difference. Also blurry in glass cockpit displays. The Quest 2 is not really comparable, because it’s limited by it’s hardware resolution.

For reference I made a over the lens photo comparing 70% and 100% render scaling. The difference is clearly visible, especially on the green numbers, like the 384 ft alt. It’s even more noticeable in the actual headset. The photo is a bit blurry by itself.

(click on the image to see without scaling)

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@lkowgli thank you for sharing these. You’re reaching the same conclusions I’ve posted here (among other things): My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Valve Index)

Let me suggest these for you to try:

  • Enable Use Latest Preview (should give a little boost in fps about 5% or more with reproj. disabled)

  • TAA70 (FS2020 Render Scale) + OXR70 (OXR Dev Tools Custom Render Scale)
    -> Well rounded for any type of aircraft
    -> this should be close to what you have in “auto” render scale with the 3080

  • TAA60 + OXR100
    -> Excellent for GA (best outside view, crisp enough EFIS)
    -> change to 70/100 if you have room for better EFIS

  • TAA80 + OXR60
    -> Ideal for Airliners (crisp EFIS + good details outside) with very good fps

Now I’m really surprised you get these with 460.89 but it is possible this is because you’re using a 2080TI. When trying a bunch of selected NVidia drivers these were the worst on my test system. They were clearly exhibiting the known NVidia problems with VR in the latest series of driver. 446.14 is supposedly the best one for now in VR but you might want to try 452.06 which is probably the 2nd best one (and first compatible with the 30XX). I’m curious about the difference you’d get, if any, between 452.06 and 460.89?!


Sorry. I checked in the wrong place. I am running 446.14. I have a RTX 2080 Ti.

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This worked pretty damm good for me. I shall reward you with a pic of my virtual vacation that I took using your settings:

Of course, by Tuesday or so there will probably be about 47 software revisions, between FS, OXR, MRP, and who knows what else that will make this obsolete, but at least we have until Tuesday!

Well done! It still feels a bit blurry, best way I can describe it is like how reality used to look right before I got an updated prescription for the old eyeballs, but I had LASIK and haven’t needed new scripts since then. But now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if I should get it checked? It’s been MANY years, and while in no way did I go back to where I started, I can’t rule out that my 20/15 ain’t 20/15 anymore. Sometimes it happens so slowly that you don’t even realize it’s happening.

Kind of like how parents don’t notice their kids growing from day to day, but aunts and uncles who only see them a handful of times a year sure do!!

The TAA100 OXR60 settings work quite nice. I agree the image is sharper compared to 70/100 but I loose some frames (from 45 down to 32).

What I think this game really needs is seperate rendering scale for the cockpit (should be 100% in most cases) and scenery (whatever gives you acceptable frames). Both for VR and flat screens.


Using very similar setting with my 1070, and i7 6850, and first gen HTC Vive. I am seeing around 40 fps with dips into the mid 30s on the in-game dev tools fps. This is with 70% render scale and 100% object and terrain detail, steamvr global rendering at 80% and MSFS2020 application at 120%. I flew around Bar Harbor in the C172 with G1000 when i observed this performance, few clouds daytime.

My settings under Graphics does not have these options…Win 10 Pro V2004 Build 19041.685 NV 2080 Super…what am i doing wrong?

My experience with the OpenXR motion smoothing is the exact opposite on an RTX 2080. With it disabled, the stuttering is unbearable and literally makes my eyes hurt, but with it either forced on, or set to automatic, it’s much smoother, actually playable. It had NO effect on image clarity.

I think a talented moder could fix the readability by changing the fonts so they are not bold text. Maybe, actually I dunno.

I would say it is worthwhile upgrading to a system running latest Graphics cards and CPU’s.

I’ve just adjusted a few more settings with TAA 90 + OXR100. Enable latest Preview and reprojection disabled. A number of other graphics setting bumped up. I am blown away how amazing the detail is smooth the experience. I have a G2 reverb, 5900X CPU, 3080 (1800hz) GPU with 32GB ram.

One other thing is at my current settings (might try TAA 100) is that I have no nausea. When I was messing with reprojection I would feel nausea and have intermittent flickering. No reprojection for me and definitely not required.

I am running Windows 1909 due to issues with the 30 series cards and steam. I’ll upgrade when that is fixed, but ready to downgrade back to 1909 if anything else suffers in VR. As you know the latest updates are not necessarily the best.

Which nvidia driver are you using? I have almost same setup (rtx3080, 10700K, G2)
Had good experience with those settings too, yesterday. Went to TAA100 and OXR100 with an ok experience too. Need to test it more though… reprojection off yes :+1:

reprojection off did the trick for me… :grinning: thanks for the tip!!!

My experience is same as yours on an RTX 3080. The only downside with reprojection on is some artifacts in images directly behind the spinning propeller.

I have ryzen 5900x and 3080 and I plan to get HP reverb.

How many frames do you get with TAA100 and OXR100 ?

Have you tried with reprojection off? It’s not just the propeller. Everything looks pixelated and shimmery. When you turn it off it’s gone.

Any particular reason I don’t see “custom render scale” on OXR ?

I have G2