Warning: do not delete and re-download

today after 3 days of failed attempts to re download the sim through the M Store, various starts and stops.
so today it went through the whole process taking most of the day and downloading supposedly 139 gigs of something, I started the sim and except for two aircraft (TBM and cessna 150), there were no aircraft, no Asosbo world airports, no training missions, no bush trips or landing challenges, no US or Japan scenery updates. Upon checking the my content folder everything is marked as available but not installed. WTF? What did I download?
Just be aware,

Just install the missing in the content manager. Mark all and then press download.

it’s not the issue is it? How many times are we supposed to go through hours of downloads?

With a slow internet connection this is very annoying, with a fast one less. You can also download the content individually

I would’nt bother helping someone with the attitude he’s displaying…


An attitude I earned from repeated real problems with this sim, It’s lack of features that actually function, constant CTD, overhyped performance, and degradation with every update. This is is just another example of the convoulted and overly complicated download/update process. Why my post was flagged and your insult was not I have no idea. Another example of the subtle bias (not to be unexpected by Microsoft) and its Shills.

Don’t expect help then

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This issue is listed as a known issue. As others have stated you can manually acquire the missing content through the content manager.

As there are plenty of topics covering this problem in #Bugs-and-Issues I will be closing this topic.

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Closed as Duplicate.