Was there an update for the beta testers?

I’m in the beta, just curious since I’m not home right now, was there an update for us beta testers too on today’s roll out of SU6?

try rebooting your pc and look for updates in the store. I tried just running the sim and ended up with a complete reinstall.

Wow, really? That sucks.

Can’t believe I’m going to have to reinstall the whole sim.

I’ll try your suggestion before I run the sim.


For me it was 10 MB in the game and 1GB in Content Manager.

I guess in one post it says if you have Installed the sim in a custom folder, it will regognice the beta.
Seems to work in my case

Ditto here. Very small update from the loading page, a little over 1GB of Content Manager stuff.

shouldn’t have to. worked fine for most, but I started the sim instead of looking for the update first

For me all is fine as well

Small like 17mb, make sure you direct it to the correct path if you installed it in a custom path

PC had small update, Xbox had no update for beta users.

Small Airac cycle only. No re-install. Big improvement from last time. Jayne prepared us for the worst, but it was one smooth ride. That’s what I call under promise and over deliver :grinning::+1:
Thanks team Asobo, great work!

40 updates in the content manager after the initial 10Mb install. about 4 gigs in content manager

No update for me in the Microsoft Store. I just had a small update in game during the installion manager screen and then updates in the content manager for world updates 1-6.

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Exactly the same for me

When you participated in the beta you got the 1.20.6 a few days earlier. So you had the latest version already. You only got the new Airac cycle when you started the sim.

Not completely true, there was still about 2 or 3 gigs of update in the content manager.

So for those that were in the beta, check your content manager for complete updates.

Yep, exactly the same for me.

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