Water Masking.. It's just so Beautiful!

Maybe we should file a bug report?
Maybe it’s supposed to look like in the trailer.

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Give it a try😉

Watched that video earlier. Beautiful!

I noticed a slight bit of moire on the water in certain lighting conditions. I didn’t expect that alt all. This is in “default” medium graphics mode.

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Welcome aboard Wayne! Lots of cool things to be seen that is for sure!

Beautiful indeed :blush:


I can’t get enough of it. And to think they have more coming!

Nice shots Tom!

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They are adding masking all the times, you will see more on upcoming update.


Very beautiful shots i see here! Can you all do me a favor and name the places where they are taken?

I would love to visit those places as soon as i have the sim.

Edit: Could also somebody share some screenshots of Bora-Bora and Mauritius (underwaterfall)?

Was cruising over the Bahamas… best route ever?


Is there a setting that needs to be turned on in order to see the Caribbean water masks?

Nice reefs. Don’t frighten the Acropora!

It’s the right location that matters as Asobo is still updating the Bing imagery all over the Sim World. So it just matters that you are in the right place where it happens to be updated.

As their recent video alluded to they are updating many places with this Gorgeous Water-Masking.

I don’t believe any of the setting options determine whether or not you will see them if you are in the right place. < Not entirely sure on that.

Great video - really captures the visual majesty of this sim. Love the locations, the photography, the music and sound FX. More of this would be good.

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Absolutely stunning.

Thanks Speed.

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Great pics, @speedwoblz … I somehow fell in love with them

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Yes, they are all in the sim, but by default are underwater, you don’t see them, they are updating these manually in the sim to get in higher visible level when those Bing imagery are ok and no real glitch, the masking became visible with editing.

If they would be enabled these all at once, you would see many glitch and layers, would be pretty odd to see, now as usual you would see meh post like “too many tiles shallow awful masking tiles” please fix them.

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Nice captures guys!

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Hopefully soon! Went there on my honeymoon and my god it’s amazing.

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