We Love VFR went GLOBAL! Region 3 released. And it has yurts!

Awesome work my friend

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Nice work. It would be totally epic if you could add lighthouses. The default sim renders them terribly , if at all.


It will require a lot of research to do it properly, but with ability to set objects per country and the system that can create model variants on the fly out will finally be possible.
I won’t promise anything but lighthouses are on my to-do list.


That is awesome! In your own good time will be good for me. Thank you for your response!!! :smiley:

I really wonder what would the sim be,without people like you,the ship modeller one and the guys over at FBW
Keep rocking !

great to hear your still working on this. This and the global ship mod are the two essential freeware scenery add ons, I never fly without this.

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Thank you. I work on it constantly. It’s just a slow process as it is quite complicated and I’m a total amateur. There will be more object types in the future and of course region 3 will come at some point.


Sounds awesome. Great work

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thanks for your work, it’s awesome!

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Thanks! Your work is awesome, it makes VFR flights more realistic and fun!

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any eta for region 1 update ?

Hopefully first half of October. Region 2 update probably for our anniversary on 1st Nov.


Dude, for a total amateur you are knocking it out of the park every time. 150 variants! I’ve written you in the past about lighthouses and maybe water towers, if you come up with a schema for tagging the features in OSM give us a heads up and I certainly will get on adding whatever you need to approximate their appearance in the sim.

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World Nav Aids is another global scenery freeware mod that I really like.

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Thanks for the tip!

Hey, Puff. Have you seen this info?

[SU6] Changes you must make on your FXs

Manual changes required after SU6 update

Several parts of the new Visual Effects system have changed for this release. Some properties have changed or been removed and you may be unable to load or build your VFXs. Don’t worry, you can manually edit the source files of your VFXs and restore them to a working state !

When you create an effect in the Visual Effects Editor, two files are created to store its properties. Let’s assume your effect is called my-effect, in your package sources you will find my-effect.xml and my-effect_edition.xml. We will call these files the “data file” and the “edition file” respectively.

If you do not use source control, make sure to backup your VFX sources before manually editing the files !

Yes, thanks. I have updates scheduled for October already so I should implement it before SU6 hits.

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Hey there. Is it possible to add red lights to masts as in real life? I was flying over my home town of Torbay tonight as the sun was setting and I couldn’t see the masts at all until I ws virtually upon them. In real life the main mast has two bright red lights on at all time so you can’t miss it.

Ok, this might be long.
Red lights are available to most masts (I’m not sure, but I think all over 70m have them). Problem is that for scenery objects you can only use lights that reflect from other objects, but you can’t see the light source. That’s why upcoming cooling towers will be well lit. They are massive so light can be seen on them. In the case of antennas, there is barely anything the light can shine on. Of course, there is the emissive texture that “lits up” the bulb, but it disappears quite near, as every small object.
“But I can clearly see red lights over cities, and airport lights from far away”. Yes, but those are different and we don’t have the ability to place them. Lately, Asobo added “light rows” for airports. The exact thing we need to add proper long-distance lights, but… it works only for airports.

Ok, so can anything be done to make them better. Yes. Antennas were my first models, so I could try to make their lights a bit more visible with some LOD tricks. Still, the best way would be use something that is in the sim, but is not available in SDK.


Ah, I figured if it was easily doable that you’d already have them. Hopefully Asobo will add more features to the SDK to enable it. The way the game renders objects like masts, cranes etc, especially in VR is kind of faint and shimmery anyway and in low light its impossible to see them until you’re almost on them. I’m hoping the LOD increases in the next update will help with that…

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