We need [more] official help with CTD problems

Frustrated as hell and trying a clean install for 20th time. I can relate to author of this post. HAve tried everything from clean installing windows multiple times. Since thursday i could do flights, multiple ones without crashing to desktop… FINALLY!! so i downloaded a couple of SU5 tested liveries. and crashes appeared again. Removed liveries and crashes remain. Now reinstalling a fresh copy of sim! had a wonderful three days… o well…

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I never had CTDs until now. Always ran fine on ultra settings. Now the sim crashes all the time. Waste of time and a lot of money. Assobroken.

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i live ok with ctd in the sim, so i don’t much care last time and don’t much comment about it, but todays is too heavy, and i think after post before about codecs and my own experience, many problems with ctd in the any of soft lie in software conflict, where same memory part try to work with different conflicted objects, so yes, asobo programmers must be have to change kernel politic to prevent any libraries injecting but the need for normal function + msfs addons, for minimize any conflict situation, we all have some software, what can be or can not be the problem, from drivers to software, from files manager to 3d party firewall, whatever it is is have to be tested by asobo, not everything of course but most popular of them, but i think better way is absolutely isolationism, where flightsimulator kernel will untouchable from any of unnecessary objects(dll,scx,fff,xxx) from another soft(except addons and super popular)


have the same problem. At my end its the Flightsimulator.exe that causes the CTD.

Can not finish any flight. After one hour smooth flight, the sim stucks short and BÄNG-CTD.

Happens with and without mods!

Before WU6 everthing was stable :frowning:

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Yes, I’ve always launched MSFS2020 from a clean boot. I dont have a bunch of unnecessary programs running.

I found a Command prompt command to replace the dll file for windows 7, but it doesnt seem to work for Windows 10. Still working on this one…

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If you have Capture One installed on your PC, the potential solution is here:

Ntdll is just handling the crash, as the Sim is reading an area of memory that’s null. I had a look in the debugger lats night.

So in short ntdll is the thing saving your computer from a bsod, rather than the cause of the Sim error


Reading many of the comments all across the various forums, there are many who have been affected since WU5. Simmers have CTD’s just loading FS2020 before the main menu page!

People seem to find them at fault and comment on the “affected ones” as whiners or “making an issue” when so many are having no issues. Some even mention that these “whiners” are less than 1% of the people who use FS2020.But when you read the number of people having the CTD’s and the details of people who have tried whatever was possible to fix the issues listening to the advice from the forums…it is more than 1%. It’s a lot more!

All these customers have also paid the same to get FS2020 and the various Add ons from the FS2020 Market, which worked fine till Update 5. Is it their fault, that an update has suddenly left them grounded? Yes, you could point the finger if these issues were present from “day one”, but that isn’t the case here. All was well, till one fine day on 27th July when the plug got pulled for many of us “whiners” and there was nowhere to go to, but try and find some support in the forums. There was no “whining” before Update 5, as their PC’s were all functioning well, and then suddenly some PC’s decided to crash! The same PC’s however are running all other games and modules without any problem…Does this even sound correct?

There is a problem, but it’s being ignored and many are left “high & dry”. Many of these people were/are die hard simmers. This is not against anyone. This is not against the folks who are experiencing “no” issues…it’s just very unfortunate for the ones who are abandoned without a hope…experimenting to get the program fixed on their own, with or without any knowledge in software / hardware issues.

Like I mentioned in another forum…when the Titanic sank, the people who jumped into the water made a lot of noise, which slowly went silent as no help came. I hope that is not what happens to us “whiners”.


Very well put. Had only to add that this very problem is also rampant on Xbox. So it’s a cross platform issue. Being a die hard simmer myself since 1996 I’m just sad that this sim has so many issues (the most unbelievable one is that you can’t make flights longer than ~ 2 hrs or the sim crashes). Even tho FS2004 is well outdated by now I’ve still many fond memories of this sim because I could just fly for hours on end without a single crash/freeze/issue and without having to browse forums and help pages to be able to find workarounds for so many aspects of the sim. And I didn’t have problems with ATC at all (Azure servers down, silly climb or descent commands etc.)

Yes, I can fly without a single crash with FS2020 too, in fact I’ve never had any crash since weeks… but in order to have it that way I have to turn off AI traffic, don’t use add ons and of course fly no more than 2 hours. In the end I don’t care if the landscape is photorealistic or not when the sim isn’t stable enough to show it to me for as many hours I want to fly. Honestly, I would take the graphics of FS9 (with the appropriate add ons) any day if in turn I could fly as long as I want to without a CTD.

It’s just sad… :pensive:


@Hellas2020 I think you are making a valid point here- in your post above.

I don’t know if you watched the Dev Q&A stream yesterday (Some details here)

One of the issues that was mentioned in that stream was the various ctd that some are experiencing and how MS/ Asobo are trying to remedy this. It was mentioned that filing tickets on Zendesk was a useful thing for them as they claim to be working hard to try and rectify as many of these ctd as possible. They did say that fixing ctd is one of their (or even the top) main priorities.

It may help, in such a zendesk ticket, to provide as much relevant information as possible and also make it clear that you hope such information makes its way to the developers as they try to resolve the issue.


Oh yes…I miss those long flights too, very much!

The thrill of flying “detailed” aircraft from developers like Phoenix Simulations B747 & B777 (FS2000) and PMDG’s MD-11 on FSX cannot be described in a few words. Only Simmers who appreciated the Cold & Dark cockpit start-ups, Payload and Trim adjustments, with the detailed checklists etc, etc, would know what I’m talking about.

Yes…longhaul flights not less than 09 to 13 hours were possible with FS2000 & FSX on detailed aircraft…a real Flight Simulation experience! :slight_smile:

FS2020 was light years ahead and till Update 5, was developing slowly towards that stage…an ultimate Simulator, with PMDG and other developers getting in, leading to accurate visuals and accurate aircraft. The future for me looked really “great”, but then as many experienced after Update 5…everything went downhill. I haven’t even got into an aircraft since Update 5 as I have a CTD every time before reaching the Main Menu page! So you can imagine how frustrating this whole affair is for me…and so many more.

I sure hope MS and ASOBO are giving priority on resolving these issues, like tamalien has mentioned.

Miss flying…my 1st love :slight_smile:


Oh yes… or the incredible PC-12 from Flight1… those were the days…

I really want FS2020 to succeed, to be that incredible sim we all dreamed about… I hope in the end we can count on Asobo/MS…

I feel you… or as Da Vinci put it: Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

I really hope that very soon you, me and with us all the other simmers can enjoy the beauty of (long haul) flights once more :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well said… :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Da Vinci’s quote is so true.

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I cockpit screens going out and CTD Xbox series s can’t wait until they fixed it so I can fly longer flights


Well tamalien,

I’ve filed a ticket on Zendesk, and given them all the details. I hope they can figure out what the issue is :slight_smile:

Hoping for the best!

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The problem I have with creating Zendesk tickets (which is really our only recourse) is that they are generally woefully inadequate to address specific problems.

Did you have something in your Community folder? NO. Well actually, maybe you did but you forgot. Did you have your GPU or CPU overclocked? NO. Well actually, you did. Were you running other apps? NO. Well actually I was, but I didn’t think to mention that.

What I’m trying to say – through this venting, really – is that end-users are usually not adept at doing their own diagnostics and assisting in the problem-solving process. And they shouldn’t have to be. Please note that I said MANY of them, not all of them. Clearly, some of you are great at it, and I can only hope that MSAsobo benefits from your knowledge and experience when you create a ticket.

So what do we need? A LOG. We need a log that shows the status of our PCs and MSFS when we get a CTD so MSAsobo doesn’t have to rely on what people know. It would be great if that would be sent to them at the moment a CTD occurs, but one thing at a time.

OK, rant over. Thanks.

Excellent post. I feel your pain as well. I too am one of those that never had an issue with crashes prior to update 5, but now am experiencing constant CTDs. I have tried everything, even going to the extreme of a complete re-install of Win10 and MSFS. There’s most definitely something going on within the sim that is causing these crashes for many; I just really hope Asobo will figure it out as I really miss what I once had.

I submit every crash report to Zendesk and include my “msinfo32” with the report. Zendesk has been great about replying and offering troubleshooting options. Unfortunately none of the suggestions have helped yet. I urge everyone that is having issues to do the same. Perhaps there is some commonality in the cause of these crashes amongst us that they can figure out.


All of this discussion about CTDs and there’s still one thing that really drives me crazy. Some people have multiple CTDs and can’t even fly, while others say they have had none. Zero. So exactly what would MSAsobo change in their code? Wouldn’t any change they make risk causing others who have not failed to have CTDs?

That’s an honest question – I’m not trying to be a jerk. I just don’t get it.


Great question. The answer to that question however is way above my pay grade. I will say this though, I was one of those people who never had an issue and felt that those who were complaining about problems, caused the problems themselves. It must be their hardware… It must be an add-on… All comments that are easy to make until it happens to you.

I have changed nothing in my build since the launch of MSFS. I built my system specifically for MSFS and use it for nothing else. How then, can crashes that all of a sudden started occurring at the release of Flight Simulator for Xbox be explained? The only logical explanation is a change made in Flight Simulator.


Yes Gents…it finally boils down to one question. Who should fix the problem? Is the buyer supposed to fix it or the seller who made it?

I buy a new car. I take the car for a free service which it gets when you buy a new car. The manufacturer modifies a part and installs it…after that my car doesn’t start. Am I (a person who has no knowledge on the technical aspects of cars) supposed to look at forums and discussions to get my car started again? The fix should come from the manufacturer.

But what we see here, is that the guys who bought the product, which worked great till the “modification”, now have to experiment on their PC’s to try and fix the issues. I’m not an IT guy and have no idea what I’m doing to my PC with all the suggestions coming in. This might lead to actually damaging other applications, which are working fine.

One fact is clear and cannot be denied…after Update 5, a lot more simmers have got affected with issues than the number prior to the update. Out of these numbers (who are having issues), there is still a large volume of simmers who have ended up losing all flight!

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