We REALLY need DLSS for VR to be viable

I’m using a PC I built one year ago with an RTX 2070 Super GPU and a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and 32GB of fast RAM an an NVMe SSD. It’s very recent and moderately high end hardware. I normally run the game at ultra settings with quite a playable framerate (usually 30-40 FPS). But I cannot run the game in VR on my HTC Vive, in a non-photogrammetry area, without turning every setting to the lowest available and downscaling my resolution to something far below the HTC Vive’s native resolution (which isn’t even very high-res compared to more modern HMDs). I would love to run it with at least the headset’s native resolution but that just doesn’t seem possible on an RTX 2070 Super, quite a recent GPU. So if rendering that many pixels at 90 Hz isn’t possible, we clearly need Nvidia’s DLSS to upscale to a better resolution.


I strongly agree with you!!! I have an RTX 3080 and can not set my sim on high quality and have good performance at the same time. It is such a disaster even with a powerful GPU. This is without VR, I kmow it would be worst with VR.

This whole performance with quality thing will be resolved if the sim supported DLSS. :unamused:

I’ve seen multiple youtube vids now with VR running great on high settings with medium hardware. Pour performance for some people could be driver issues or settings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=428RrDGR8_8

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I really hope that is the case! I am planning to reinstall my OS in a few days anyways so, if I’m lucky, maybe that’ll improve things a little.

No, you don’t. I’m on an RTX 2060 and it’s fine.

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I followed this guide and it solved my performance problems so the game is now playable at medium settings and it works very nicely— however the game’s framerate is still low, I believe it is reprojecting 2/3 of the frames it renders.

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Were there logistical reasons why MS didn’t launch with DLSS? Seeing how well it performs on other games it would seem to be a no brainer.


DLSS would be fantastic. I am not sure why it doesn’t go hand in hand with VR like it does with RTX. Trying to run VR in a modern game without DLSS is like trying to run RTX without it, not easy! More developers need to implement this when thinking about VR.

That said, DLSS is a DX12 exclusive so it can’t come to MSFS until they upgrade it from DX11 to DX12, which I think they are planning to do sometime next year alongside the Xbox release.


It needs more than just DLSS. Every Nvidia GPU features very powerful VR acceleration and no flightsim makes use of it. Games that received VRworks support saw a doubling of FPS in some cases. VR acceleration available on all GPUs from Nvidia 900 series up support VRworks acceleration.
VRworks acceleration isn’t limited to DX12 either. Works on DX11 and Vulkan.


DLSS might improve things but it sounds like something’s not right with your setup. I’m running a Ryzen 5 2600 with 32GB ram and a GTX 1080, getting 24 with some of the options turned up, including max traffic.

People are getting wildly varying results with similar hardware. I think this is day 1 and we’re going to need a week or two for people to get a feel for tuning the sim. Until then, keep fiddling with it! :slight_smile:

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X-plane VR has the same mystery issues where some peoples computers do not perform correct. There is all sorts of things that have been the culprit over the years. Sometimes it is software, sometimes drivers. A steamVR update dropped it 15-20FPS.

One thing interesting about MSFS after years of x-plane is that it shows how good and thorough x-plane really is in so many ways. MSFS has years to catch up, but certainly is off to a good start.

x-plane with some sort of hail-mary answer to the Bing photogrammetry approach/ X-plane with 200gb of add-ons and custom generated high-res tile data is actually really nice. Not as mice as MSFS, but it actually is not to far behind, and that was mostly developed by random amateurs, though they also are not constarained by licenscing for the GIS data the way X-Plane might be!

At any rate, for now the people running complex sims and using hardware interfaces for proper IFR training are stuck with x-plane or even old FSX setups for the foreseeable future!

Dlss can happen when dx12 arrives. Fingers crossed.

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we need dx12, not DLSS, DLSS is just an Nvidia marketing that is used only in a few games they just use this as marketing to attract customers to buy their gpu but in the end, the game industry is focused on multiplatform, not just on a small niche

DLSS is Nividia only. DX12 or better vulcan is needed.

Currently, Nvidia is the only contender for a seriously excellent upscaling ML model. AMD is now playing catch-up but Nvidia has always been the stronger company at pushing the bounds with software; AMD has always been more of a hardware company. But don’t discount the technology even if only one GPU vendor supports it, because it is revolutionary and its temporary platform dependence is absolutely not a reason to deprive everyone from getting to benefit from the feature. Hopefully, once AMD gets their competing product up to par with Nvidia in a few years (it took Nvidia several years to reach DLSS 2.0 which turned it from terrible to incredible) then this game can support both implementations, but for now it is crucial that we have DLSS support in the game as soon as the DX12 upgrade is ready.


Yepp I get this and I agree. You are aware that the XBOX is using AMD Readon hardware? So I dont think DLSS will happen in the near future. DX12 for sure will. Just saying…

Ah come on, I love it but it could certainly benefit from something like DLSS…

Even on a 3070 I can’t run my G2 anywhere near the clarity of what the screens are capable of, I have to make do with 30-40fps and a load of settings dialled down too.

Yes it works and it is enjoyable (for me anyway) but it absolutely would benefit from more VR optimisations like DLSS 2.1 (or Direct ML super resolution of that will work with Vr), sampler feedback etc.

DX12 will bring a lot of cool tech that should help with VR performance, but I’m absolutely hoping to see some sort of intelligent upscaling solution. I doubt it’ll be DLSS, much more likely to be super resolution but we don’t know anything about that yet, and whether it will work in VR or not is unknown.


In my experience with 2d rendering on MSFS (I haven’t got a VR setup yet, and am in no hurry based on what I’ve seen reported) the rendering speed is usually CPU limited unless at a very very high resolution.

While DLSS works great for GPU-limited shooter/rpg games like “Control”, for MSFS you’ll get only a small improvement in GPU usage and then hit the CPU limit on the main thread, with no further headroom to reduce it without reducing scene complexity and object detail.

Don’t forget that reducing the render resolution has no impact on CPU usage, and only helps with GPU usage.

You can get a good idea of what performance with DLSS would feel like in terms of frame rates by setting the “render scaling” to, say, 50% or 70%. DLSS would look better than this but perform about the same because it’s doing the same thing roughly (rendering a scene at a lower resolution, and scaling it up quickly)

It’s massively GPU limited in VR… 3070 that I have will just about run constant 30fps at ~70% resolution on a G2 for example with graphical options generally medium or low.

I’m curious how that’s achieved. Just turns off all the expensive graphics options that load down the CPU normally?