Weather degradation

So because you need this, none of us can have the original much better looking weather?

No, what we need is an OPTION - This kind of thing has different appeals for different folks.

There’s no way we can accept a compromise where one group must sacrifice their enjoyment for things that are relevant only to another.

As long as Asobo remains unable/unwilling/uncommitted to deliver a system that is absolutely perfect in every way for everyone, the only reasonable solution is to leave all points of compromise open to the users preference.

That means, we need Live Weather Options, allowing us to use undegraded blending-free weather.

Or alternatively, we need Full SDK Write Access for wx so that other developers can create specialized solutions to this game-breaking* problem.

*there are many out there who are not playing until this is fixed, and check here regularly for any news on when/if the sim will be made enjoyable again. This is why this thread exists: