Weird Graphic Glitch After SU5

Hello everyone!

Ever since SU5 I am getting this weird graphic glitch as seen in the video below. This started with only at night with the landing lights ON and close to the ground. But know it is happening in daylight on approach with the LDG off. After I land it get worst as well. And no this doesn’t happen at departure or cruise. Anyone else get this?



Is your resolution scale above 100%?

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You’ll need to set a vertical sync control

If using a NVidia card, you can set Vertical Sync to Fast in the NVidia Control Panel for MSFS2020 and restart the sim.

The need went for it went away but appears to have come back again. I’ve had to do the same to avoid the tearing when panning all cameras since SU5

If not using a NVidia card there must be something similar for other cards but I’m afraid I’ve no knowledge around that.

I have tried both and same thing.

Using a GTX 3080, I’ll try that. Thanks!

Nothing to do with vysnc. It’s checkered glitchy pixels and has been posted here:

Thanks, guess I’ll wait.

Oh, new one on me, looked like tearing plus video artefacts. Maybe sent you the wrong way on this Clem. Apologies.

No worries, thank you!

Question, what will VS set to FAST do? I have it off now.

It controls tearing when you pan quickly with cameras. E.g top of frame starts drawing while panning then later frames come in, so you see two or three frames spread across the vertical height of the screen.

Possibly why all camera pans have been slowed down with SU5

FYI there’s two other threads that I think highlight the same issue. I had it a day ago but bizarrely it has totally gone away and I changed nothing (my Usercfg.opt file is read-only and my Windows/nVidia setting weren’t changed either) - I tried everything from 105-200% Render Scaling (my config is fixed at 100%) - someone else on that thread commented similarly. I even ran it for a couple of hours to see if it returned (with temp build-up or cache filling up). I’ve now moved from nVidia’s 471.11 to 471.41 and it’s still ok, though some were recommending frolling back to a 466 variant IIRC.
I didn’t see any updates to MSFS.
I see one thread has been referenced above, so here’s the other for reference: Screen tearing, lagging between views

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Has anyone found a fix for this yet? :slight_smile: