Were the stunning visuals a HUGE trade off for everything else?

  • live wx clouds are on the ground
  • Black lines at random places on the terrain / sea
  • scenery objects keep popping up fsx autogen style
  • LOD area too small

also, in what other sim you have to actually close your flight in order to change A/C and/or airport… that is the worst joke of them all.

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I too fly. CPL with CFII, typical complaints with controls not feeling right in certain aircrafts, climb rates, feathering etc. There is quite a ways to go, that I do not question. That said, a realization needs to be made that any sim can only provide so much in terms of sim-user translation. A large example being home desktop users not having force-feedback. Not being able to understand the forces on your yoke or joystick and airframe, you react differently (even if you don’t notice it) than you would, say in a Level-D simulator. Often times I have noticed the lack of understanding a specific aircrafts capabilities and specifications, or comparing them to “how X or Y simulator” feels leads to these faux issues being misconstrued as bugs.

The best experience you could aim for is finding the aircraft specific POH and understanding its limitations and capabilities before saying “X is not right” or “Y doesn’t work this way in Z simulator”.

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Many, but not all, of the autopilot problems are actually airplane specific.

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Changing aircraft\ location\airports in the sim you can do this
[How To] Change Aircraft and Teleport In Sim

For lod you can do this
PSA: LOD Slider Can Be Increased Past 200 - Dramatically Improves Photogrammatery

The worst joke is loading the game, then have to wait, then screen pops up, hit space bar to begin, then wait again, then load into Xbox style UI, go through menus that have hard to find stuff to setup flight, set everything, load again, finally flying but have to wait for cinematic or hit another key or button, fly, crash wait for pop up box for crash, reload start all over.

No chance in game to change plane, and spawn where u started while loaded in memory…

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If you turn on the Developer Panel in the Settings. You’ll have that top bar in-game. And there you can change airplanes mid-air.

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No curves are required if you have a 1-1 RW control to flight sim control ratio and the flight modelling is correct. The best controls try to get as close to this as possible. This is one of the pros for the Honeycomb and why its so popular, its 180 degrees of roll rotation matches the aircraft yolk range of rotation.