What happened to flight plans on the discovery flights?

I havent played for quite some time, but WU6 has once again made it acceptable (in terms of performance) to me (and prettier in terms of scenery).

So I wanted to see some showcase scenery, but sadly all the discover flights have no flight plans, unlike they had up to at least WU3 from what I recall.

This means a discovery flight is no more than spawning on a POI and kinda pointless if you have no idea where to go.

Also noticed the aircraft has changed. The Japan one is now in a 208 where it use to be in a King Air.

I am confused.

yep. some days ago i started the german bustrip and got a plan. now i try to make trip 2 and dont get any plan. this sucks.

They are called Bush Trips. If you call them Discovery Flights it’s wrong because this term also exists as an activity.

But yes this is Bug. But a bush trip just following the GPS is also questionable.

You can vote here: WU6 and Bush Trips

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Not really because following the GPS gives me an opportunity to really enjoy the scenery and the write-ups.


I think the Bushtrip is meant to be a VFR navigational challenge, which would become moot when using a GPS.

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Does anyone have feedback that is not related to bushtrips?

I was not asking about that.

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Guess no one knows… but I wish they would bring it back.

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