What is the process for a move to a new PC

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I would appreciate any help. I have a new PC coming in 3 weeks and will want to move MSFS 2020 onto that instead of the current PC

I bought MSFS2020 from the MS store. is it just a simples case of re-downloading the game? What about my pilot profile does is that stored in the cloud somewhere and will install on the new PC as well?



This link seems pertinent:


Scroll down to “clean install”

Your pilot profile stays as well as your settings…I have meanwhile 4 times re-installed MSFS, thus can claim this. I do not think that you can move the whole installation from on PC to another one, which is quite annoying. I do not why we can not own the files, like in XP11 for example. My XP11 has over 400 gb (with add ons) and I do not need to download the whole “thing” over and over again. And if important files get corrupted, the XP installer will find and repair them. However to make the long story short, you need a new clean install on the new PC I guess.

I just re-downloaded it… Profile came over with the cloud sync.

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You can :wink:

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I purchased MSFS 2020 from MS Store. I have Digital Ownership. How do I move Flight Sim Deluxe to my Steam Library . Steam requires a valid product key. This is not displayed on my MS pre-order or Invoice. Nor can I get this to display in MS My Library. I would prefer to keep all my ‘games’ in the aane ‘cloud’. Any suggestions welcome.

You can’t.

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