What on earth is going on with the Flight Planner!

The flightplanner has been one of the biggest disappointments to me. One can’t have Nav aids or jet routes be displayed by default (it is supposed to be a flight planner) but yet the map is cluttered with POI and fauna markers and everything else unimportant to aviation.

And the big white info boxes blocking your view - for WHAT?? The cursor for entering a new flight altitude is totally bonkers, I just want to delete and enter a new FL…

The only improvement is the satellite map but the parking spaces at airports rarely line up with the underlying image.

IMHO, the flight planner is so over-bearing and ineffective and needed a revamp even before release.


have you reported it to Zendesk? Rants are fine, but if you don’t report the issues properly then you are not helping the devs or the community. There are few threads on this issue, and I have also reported it to Zendesk. Grab a copy of the flight plan you are importing, a screenshot of the Map Page, and an ingame screenshot of the GPS.


Flight planner is a problem since day 1 unfortunately. There are bugs threads where you can vote on. SU5 added even more USR waypoints (although they exited before).

Leads to this. EDDF/25C MARUN1D SID I believe it was (A32NX, Simbrief import).

My understanding is that they hired WT to fix it and that the G1000NXI is sort of the test vehicle to gradually replace this current FP.

(BTW. Just yesterday FBW also announced to shortly introduce their new FP in the A32NX.).

Thank the simming gods for this!!! I am so close to deleting this sim and the over £1000 of investment I have put into it.

What are they doing? was this some kind of XBOX friendly thing? I dont think XBOX players need their flight plans being destroyed!

I have found a way around all this. Its a bit annoying but get the PMS GTN750, Free or Premium, load your plane at whatever airport DO NOT FILE ANY PLAN, In any case the ATC is borked at the moment… Then enter your flight plan in the GTN750 from the pop up panel and boom you have a nice flight plan in your avionics of choice and none of this Garbage!

Yes you could enter it in the 5/430 but the GTN750 is touch screen, and its Just Better!

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There is a bug thread about this here:

It looks like some data for your flight is being created as a waypoint, and making it into the GPS.

Thanks… I think its just ASOBO need to remove this, no waypoints should ever be added to a flight plan like that, They can be added in the background for the sims purposes but my flight plan should be my flight plan un touched or molested by this madness.


This is a known problem , you are not alone. It is since SU5
A workaround is to pick a start and destination in the Workd Map but select IFR , low altitude innthe top left menu.
The Timeapp and TimeCli false waypoints do not seem to appear then .
There is plenty of discussion if you look in the topic named GNS530 Mod.

Coupled with the other changes they have made to the world map flight planning and the whole thing has become a bit painful to use.

Unwanted waypoints auto added to direct flight plan. (Cannot be deleted or edited.)

Recently visited airports no longer get saved in the drop down list. (I see the very first 3 airports I visited on the day I installed)

Airport search now requires an additional (redundant) step to open a new search bar.

Fuel/Cargo weight config + Centre of gravity reset every time you open that tab.

CoG adjustment sometimes seems to not load into flight.

Scrubbing backwards and forwards to input fuel quantity? Really?

Time/weather selection remains flaky. It will change on its own. Lost count of times I have set time for daylight then checked fuel only to load game into darkness.

ATC pop out text scaling is broken. Resizing window no longer resizes text if on another monitor.
Changing UI scaling to make the pop-out not take up half the screen results in world map scaling that’s really too small.

I honestly can’t see that any of these are helpful to Xbox users either. Whole thing needs to be looked at and fixed.


Seems to be a case of “If it ain’t broke, hold my beer!”


You do know that you can filter the items that you do not want to see, right?

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Back at launch, you could select what you wanted to see in the flight planner and it would save that as your default view. They broke that in either the first or second and never fixed it since. Now it always default to that useless view and you have to go into the filters and manually enable what you want to see like navaids, etc.


You can turn on those 3 items in the corresponding XML file, and they do NOT get overwritten, if you do not change anything in that menu screen between sessions.
(or set the xml file to read-only)

Why they are not saved like the other parameters on that screen is way beyond my pay grade to know.

Maybe an Agile/Scrum : do 75% and then release situation ?

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Over and over again, turn off flora and heliports and turn on navaids and waypoints.

Every. Single. Time.


Of course I know that, the issue is it never saves the filter settings to be persistent across sessions.


Yes, makes zero sense for a “flight planner”. If they had the basic aviation stuff like navaids, jet routes etc enabled by default and then one could “filter” on the other “interest” items, that would actually make it a “flight planner”.

What would be ideal, is if you could actually save your preferences without having to resort to editing some xml file. And the dev’s wonder why so many people are having mysterious CTD’s…


Are you saying that there is an XML file that one can edit to show only certain things on the world map? If so, which file is it please?

Its a gamers menu, not a flight planner! Let look at the pretty things :stuck_out_tongue: Funnily enough I was reading an article by an avid XBOX user and they were claiming that they had lost interest in the SIM after a week due to the fact there was not enough “gaming” features. I hope that doesn’t detriment this SIM any further if it becomes a trend :frowning:

All my flight planning is botched. Depending on where I’m planning, it doesn’t matter whether I do it ‘in sim’ or using Little Navmap, it adds a bunch of waypoints which ruins the plan. Prior to 2nd hotfix it was working. I hope we don’t have to wait till next world update to have this fixed. I’m flying the TBM 930, but I don’t even think this matters.

I have been told by one of the Moderators that this is a known issue.