What will be the next best realistic flight sim be?

Not to diverge too much, but this is important, and a really great example of where this tech fails.

LLM’s (Large Language Models) like ChatGPT are useful for creative/fun tasks where accuracy and trust are not a consideration, but they are extremely risky to use for tasks where accuracy and trust are a key element. This is unlikely to change soon due to the nature of the tech, but this aspect is being overshadowed by an AI hype train.

“As with many AI-driven innovations, ChatGPT does not come without misgivings. OpenAI has acknowledged the tool’s tendency to respond with ‘plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers’ – an issue it considers challenging to fix:” https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1618382078382379008

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OpenAI initally rolled out the AI Hype train completely ignoring or downplaying these trust/accuracy issues, and it took a bunch of other peristant AI researchers exposing the holes in it before even they had to admit how bad it is in those key areas. There’s a reason Google hasn’t rolled out their “ChatGPT” and that’s why, they can’t afford the risk.

It will get better, but we need to be hyper aware of the risks and constraints of AI tech as much as impressed by the shinee tech demos.

MSFS World Simulator

Digital Twins are a huge area of growth moving forward, combined with VR/AR, and a lot of the tech stack that MSFS is using/proving is directly applicable. MSFS has potential for a lot of things in this area, whether in part, whole, or niche spin offs of the whole stack.

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ChatGPT can not access any real time info.
If you give it a verbal description of the situation then ask it to act like ATC and guid you to a landing, it will give much better results. Since it is not trained on proper phraseology, you can teach it temporarily in your chat. Tell it how to say things, and it will. If this kind of tech would be used in MSFS , the AI would have access to all hthe parameters in the sim, with chatgpt you will have to give it a scenario. Describe the current weather, your current position, the type of aircraft and its limitations, the airfiled ect ect. the more info you give it the more clever it will be. When I tested it I used LHBP, gave it weather info, gave it a description of the 4 ILS approches , then asked it to act as ATC and give me instructions. I corrected it until it was giving me good info with different weather :smiley:

I would love to just type or say my request to MSFS ATC. for example when i mess up my descend and just say give me and extended downwind, and it would replay properly :smiley:

ATC is a much narrower set of language then what chatGPT is currently trained, so the possibility is absolutely there,

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Yes, exactly my thought as well. MSFS already has the real world data to feed to the algorithm to improve accuracy.

Completely breaking away from the “canned” ATC responses and talking normally would be really great. One small example, I absolutely hate having to ask for step climbs in 10,000 foot increments to get to my cruise level.


With a chatgpt like ai, it would be able to read your flight plan from any 3rd party addon no matter the format, it could figure it out instantly, and give you the correct cruise alt, you would not even need to ask for it, only if you want to change it, and it would be smart enough to say NO if it conflicts with traffic, and ask if you could accept a different altitude wit ha suggestion. Would be awsome

The Plane English radio phraseology training website uses voice recognition to understand what users are saying and grade them on their phraseology. Technology like that coupled with better ATC would be nice.