WHere can i find a list with that is new with this mega update?

At the webpage from Asobo surprisingly there are absolutely no informations. At google i always got as link to pcgameshardware but they dont sum up all things esp. not the new airports except for Meigs Airfield. So i am looking for a proper webpage that sum up all new content with that mega update.

Look here:

Subscribing to #community:news-and-announcements is your friend.

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THX. It was hard to find a list like that. They all said 4 new airports but not which ones.

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You are welcome! Enjoy the new content! :slight_smile:

THX too. It was just about seconds :wink: Great community!

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Just a suggestion to the Flight Simulator Web content creators: Could these details (minus the bugfixes) be made easier to find from the https://www.flightsimulator.com/ homepage, please? As a potential buyer, the news about the 40th Anniversary was great, but finding exactly what was in it was a bit harder. For example, I loved flying missions in earlier FS versions, but only found details about the missions through the forums - something a potential purchaser might not realize could be done. Your aircraft poster is most informative too. Seems to me that you are missing a marketing opportunity here. Perhaps linking to Release Notes for 40th Anniversary Edition/Sim Update 11 ( Now Available from a FAQ? That’s where I first went to look…

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post - I’m a newbie here…