Where is the Extra 330 LT?

Hi !

I have not yet flew with the Extra 330 LT, but I can’t find it in my planes list.

All my content is downloaded and updated.

Something strange, is that I found this :


It really looks like this plane is actually the Extra 330 LT, but why would it have another name ?

Does anyone else have this issue or this plane in the list ?

I can’t find this plane on the official list of planes in any edition :

Thank you for your answers and ideas, I don’t understand anything :smiley:

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That’s either an add-on plane or a Livery. Empty your Community folder and restart the sim.

Thank you for this fast answer :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I only have 4 addons, and nothing about this plane.

  • a livery for the 747
  • A32nx from FlyByWire
  • Aircraft Carrier Group
  • Spirfire Mk IXC from FlyingIron

Any other ideas ? :slight_smile:

And if what I show is a livery or an addon plane, where is the original one ?

No idea. But that aircraft is non-stock, so it’s being installed from somewhere.

Maybe there is something in the Official folder, i.e. purchased via in-game marketplace, that conflicts with your Extra? Try disabling addons in your content manager.

I only purchassed legendary planes from the store, nothing else, except the Spitfire that I bought on FlyingIron website.

I downloaded ModManager to check if something else was installed, and I didn’t see anything more that what I listed before.

I used ModManager to uninstall those 4 mods and… my full Micrsoft Flight Simulator folder became empty :sweat_smile:

I re-lauched the game, and now I have to download 125 GB… I don’t like to use mods because I’m afraid that they can break something, now I understand why :joy:

I’ll keep you in touch when everything willl have been installed back

I was referring to the CM you also find in-game: [HOW-TO] Download\Manage Content Manager

Thank you for your answer !

I deleted all about the Extra 330, and downloaded it again :

Same problem, this plane doesn’t show in the search results (no matter if I write 330 or Extra)

What is strange is that this MXS-R aircraft exactly looks like the Extra 330…

I would be curious to see iff some of you have this aircraft too when you look for it

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The MXS-r is an acrobatic aircraft. MX Aircraft MXS - Wikipedia
I had a similar issue with one of my installed Marketplace aircraft disappearing. If you do a clean install of MSFS remember to delete the contents of Users<you>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator before installing. Then install your Marketplace purchases one at a time with a restart in between each one. Use the same strategy for your Community installs.

Hi there,

Having exactly the same behaviour here :frowning: on this Extra 330 LT :frowning:

And this is blocking me to finish the “Jack of All Planes” achievement ! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m using Steam on PC.
I already tried number of workaround including removing the few add-ons I had, removing the aircraft using the Download Manager / restarted my PC / reinstalling the aricraft (all multiple contents for the same aircraft), and removing all the game / restarting my PC / reinstalling all the game with a fresh one.
Nothing helped to resolve the issue :frowning:

I may have to open a support ticket or does anybody could help please?


Hi there,

Founded the root cause : the Extra 330 LT aircraft is wrongly named “MX Aircraft MXS-R” in french language, see the screenshot attached.
I have a support ticket open and this issue has been raised to the product / dev team.

But at the end, my flight in English language doesn’t validated my last 5% of the achivement, so it’s still not completely resolved, just for the community to know the progress status.


@AnthonyTurcant and all, this has been successfully resolved by MSFS dev team on the SU11 released mi-nov 2022, so this topic can be closed and tagged as Resolved :slight_smile:

Thanks @MSFSDevTeam!