Where to report bugs or get help for 3rd party addons

So, as we are not allowed to talk about 3rd part addons if there are problems, we can only report bugs if using no addons, and how many are using MSFS with no 3rd part addons anyway? I found it was more helpful and often quicker posting about problems in this forum than submitting a zendesk ticket, so now I feel one of those most helpful and useful features of the forum has been taken away.
Is it possible to create a new section for talking about 3rd part addons and somewhere to report any issues using them?

You can visit the following section of the forum to discuss third party addons:

To report bugs involving third party addons, you could contact the developer directly. For example, to get help with ORBX’s EGLC, you should visit Support Forums - Orbx Community and Support Forums

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Neither the MSFS forums nor Zendesk is the appropriate venue to report bugs with third-party code. These bugs should be reported to the third-party developers so they have the opportunity to fix issues with their products.

If you posted a bug report in Bugs and Issues for a third party product, it would likely have been closed and you would have been asked to contact the developers directly. I myself have closed several topics recently discussing issues with the A320NX mod.

The new category linked by @EvidencePlz has been an initiative that we have been working on for some time now. The goal is to provide a specific forum for users to have discussions about third-party content, where you can ask questions, provide reviews and seek advice about third-party products while keeping the base categories for core MSFS features only.

In an effort to help users find the appropriate support channel for their mods, we are starting to build this list, anyone can have their group added to it by sending a private message to @moderators.

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