Where were the testers?

Don’t blame us testers. Trust me we put in a lot hours and bug reports, it was up to the team and MS to follow up. There’s no question this sim was rushed to the market but it doesn’t mean this is the end product. The team has already mentioned they’ll be updates so expect fixes along the ways.


I was kind of waiting for a post like this…it is spot on, I would have thought the same had I not been part of the alpha.

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I can understand your frustration. I had the same kind of problems with other games.
To be excited about a title, then to the frustration, not being able to install or even play the title is a horrible experience.

I’m no IT, but I am wondering if the problem has to do with the load of people downloading.
I know for me this morning the forums wouldn’t even work due to the load of people on it.

As for the problems, I for one really don’t have any except one, and that’s the live weather.
I hope you can get it downloaded. I hope that this is the only problem you have with it and it works smoothly. If not, well. . . . :man_shrugging:

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Blaming the testers. That’s a level of frustration I haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you need to go outside and take a walk to calm down.


It’s definitely our fault for not having the same issues he’s having! If only we could test every single variable, with launch-day level demand. Man, we ■■■■ as testers!

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Well, I don’t think its perfect, but you also have to keep in mind, when someone does find a problem it’s like sending a letter snail mail, you know you sent it, and sometimes you wonder if it ever arrives, but at least you know you sent the thing. . . .

Testers can only do so much, then the burden comes down to the devs.


I would say it is server load, high volume downloads and trying to run live environment from Azure servers


i guess the magic build was real after all… black magic???

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But the problems aren’t affecting everyone so surely it’s something else?

Again that could be Azure from server locations around the world, some busier than others maybe

Nothing wrong with Windows

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Its the best consumer friendly OS out there.

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Yup I agree, nothing wrong with Azure either

Also, I love how my post got flagged for being inappropriate… Well done whoever decided to report that one :roll_eyes:

Definitely server capacity. Took me 3 or so attempts to fully download the content.

The testers busted their A$$😊 proving never ending bug reports and feedback. I just think Asobo bit off more than they can chew and the release date was moved up for sure.

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Thread closed, the NDA is still in effect. See:

Discussing any of the specifics about the Alpha/Beta is a violation of the NDA.