Why are all the livery pinned topics locked?

As the title states… why did all the livery pinned topics get locked?

Can you link one for me please?


Here’s one… but all the pinned topics at the top of this Livery category are locked along with it.

Thank you, I am looking into this


I’m in the process of closing and relocating the topics. Moving forward, you can find liveries posted in this subcategory. In other words, the livery lists won’t be updated and users can post threads directly in this category if they would like to feature and discuss their liveries.

This will make it so that you can discuss certain liveries with the creator themselves. One huge problem with the livery lists is that users will always want to deviate from the “no discussion” rule so, this method will make it so that you can discuss any concerns or comments.


Sounds good, thanks for explaining.