Why don't they fix the most obvious bugs?

Well, apparently they are fixing many small bugs. I just don’t believe many of them are the obvious ones we are reporting!

See the transcription of the last Q&A, quoted & linked below. I added my own emphasis on Seb’s quote to draw attention:

Forums question – Could you spend more time on fixing very small, but annoying bugs? For example, the drone camera’s undesirable rotation. - Timestamp

Jayne – Could we talk a little bit about how we approach small bugs?

Seb – There have actually been fixes on undesirable rotations on the camera in Sim Update 9. So maybe there are different things. But we keep fixing small things, as I said earlier. Every sim update brings hundreds of small fixes. Anything that’s brought to our attention and filed. We’re burning through these. So maybe there’s something else on the camera. Probably other issues. So we do that all the time. It’s just a report and maybe some of this doesn’t get enough visibility or it’s further down the road. But yeah, we keep doing that all the time.

From this thread:

It’s taken ages for Bush Trip bugs to be properly acknowledged and work to commence. It’s a core gameplay experience for all the new players joining in, so it’s shocking that it was given so little attention for so long. Same for many other common bugs. It took months to get the “logbook pop-up during shutdown procedure” issue to be fixed, after massive community pressure. So everything else is surely going well under the radar for the most part. No matter how many Zendesk tickets or forum posts we make.

Many pet peeves of other users, like scenery elements being wrong, or data sources being inaccurate, will surely take longer and will only be fixed by future World Updates or newer data sources being thrown at BlackShark AI (or the Community Scenery Gateway perhaps, once available).

While many bugs do get fixed, so many don’t even after 18 months, so the feeling most of us share is that progress is slower than hoped. But at least there is progress… :slight_smile: