Why is there very little information about tomorrow?

Very, very strange for Asobo/Micro to not divulge whats coming, no?

Strange to push out the 1.23.13 update for Xbox with no communication as well.

I think the World Update was well communicated and is in the first paragraph of the last dev update we got on March 17th as well as in the development roadmap. This was posted before the WU8 delay, hence why you wont see it referenced.

Have a look:

It’s a world update – not sure there’s much to address/say, I’m sure they’ll drop the trailer of Iberia region on Thursday when it releases. But there won’t be any sim fixes, per the last dev Q&A

Sorry I’m a bit lost in today’s news. What aviation tragedy has occurred?

China, a 737 a few hours ago, 132 casualties :shushing_face:


Yes, the tragedy in China is terrible news but I fail to see how delaying a scenery upgrade for 2 days pays respect to those directly impacted. Surely, the PR team can find something more meaningful.


Folks, the announcement speaks for itself. Please wait until Thursday for the release. Thanks.