Why Not Let Asobo Run the World and Let Another Developer Incoporate the Aircraft and Flying?

That is exactly how I feel about having to find a Mod to get an aircraft to function correctly. I wont do that, I expect the MSFS to get everything working as they originally intended. My community folder is empty and will stay that way until MSFS is working they way MS intended the final product to be.

I have a feeling that WT will be working on autopilots and systems. This is sorely needed in the sim, the big missing piece, and these folks are more than capable of doing that. This is great news!

I hope the WT guys are prepared for the barrage of toxic negativity that will soon be levelled at them when some control or screen doesn’t do what it should.

It’s definitely a excellent idea in my mind, asobo don’t appear to have the expertise or time to deal with the minutae of flight systems and avionics and have wisely subcontracted a specialised group to handle it.

Accurate systems modelling is a major rabbit hole I’d prefer asobo stay out and to be honest probably is of limited appeal to the large majority of the player base.

I’m looking forwards to asobo applying their skills towards further improving their weather depiction, scenery / autogen and underlying flight modelling.


Yeah I agree- I think this move will free up a lot of resources and help teams to do what they’re good at. I have a lot of hope for the future of this sim- if we can survive the turmoil in the interim.

In a way, maybe the WT folks will be shielded from the negativity. They can just blend into the development house and ignore the forums:-)

I think they’re doing this. They may not admit it, but let’s face it, besides countless bugs, the only real value the Asobo team has added to the sim since launch is three world updates. All the good plane and Nav aid stuff has come from third parties.

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