Why us 'oldies' are maybe less critical

Oh my goodness, how did you save that original image!?

70 years old here and just getting back into simming, finally have enough time and a little extra change to indulge. AAANND loving it!


Well done,good for you!!

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I didnt, well not at the time. I picked it up from the Net and put it together with one of my own screen grabs. I just had this idea suddenly to try and go back in time and take off the way we did way back then.

Yeah, I don’t want to bore you with too many details, but it’s a long story that I’ve thrown around here many-a-time.

My first introduction to Flight Simulator was with '98. My grandpa had asked me if I could help him with FS '98.

That day changed my life.

I never really took an interest in PC gaming afterward, nor could I ever afford it these days.

But it coming to Xbox was another life-changer.

Only these days, I wish my grandpa were still around to see what Flight Simulator is like now.


I love it how forumpostees and discord players refer to taking a plane up as ‘Taking MY plane up’ … it’s the nuance of the “my” that gets me every time… it’s just graphics on a monitor yer staring at for hours on end… but still, even though very well simulated, the dream is definately there to roam the world in “YOUR” aircraft of choice… i think it’s wonderful to see how far we’ve come along gamingwise, and especially where we are going on the gamingfront, it’s a wonderful experience to behold… FS2020 is growing up so fast :wink:
Realising not everyone can actually take a real plane up in the sky as most of us are not financially able to do so, yet seeing so many players fiddling around on the tarmac, taking off, coming back in for a landing and the casual “whoops, i lost to gravity” is just fun to be a part of. Nothing lost in the sim, just dont try and recreate in real life… the return to main menu or restart isn’t available there, so better know your stuff and train well… and keep the funny business in the sim.

I’ve been gaming since the days of pong… flying since the days of fs3/4 Yeah, i guess this medium-oldie (47) heard the call for oldies playing videogames, hahaha Still love the occasional racesim(Ac/RF2) or battlesim (WT) as well.

Have a great flight, Capt’ns! :beers:


Well in FS9 and FSX I had fully modified versions of the PA28-161 I trained in to get my PPL, the PA28-181 I then shared with a friend and got my IFR ticket with, as well as a PA32-301 to match 87B we moved on to after the Archer.
The real paintjob applied to the Saratoga I designed and tested in FS in different variations until we were happy with it. Enough to spend the considerable money on painting the real thing in AZ.
So I definitely did go flying in my airplanes :smiley::smiley:


I’m old enough to remember Acrojet on the Commodore 64. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m 50, so not sure if that makes me an oldie, but from a gaming point of view I used to use a Colecovision as a child. :slight_smile:

I don’t think its simply being less critical, perhaps more accepting of things. Later generations have grown up with technology “that just works”, and its maybe jarring for them when it doesn’t. Growing up with a culture of instant gratification, “I want it all now!” expectations, small problems get blown out of all proportion. I waited over an hour for Mercenary: The Second City to load from tape on an Atari 800XL, I can handle anything. :slight_smile:


I am 32 and I remember when I was 8 or 9 and played a “green and black” version of MSFS in the computers the townhall put on a “beach library” in summer, I could not stop playing.

Now I am blown away every single day I launch this sim.

Sure, there are issues, but most are minor annoyances and most of them are addressed in the roadmap, kids today are just to impatient imo.

I remember thinking “jesus that looks so much like a flight simulator, wish we had one of those back”, and then, when little by little I realized it was actually MSFS I jumped off the chair screaming ■■■! xD


I wouldn’t restrict that to just kids. :wink:


You are right hahaha

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Same here, bought every version since FS2. First version was on commodore 64 (cassette version), then later versions I got it on Amiga which eventually led to a PC (lots of PCs/upgrades). Now for latest version Series X. The progress since the first version, particularly graphics, is mind blowing. Similar to the joy I had when I upgraded my PC 2 years after FSX was released and I was able to raise autogen from very low to medium!


Just come back to MSFS after starting in 1989, found it too arcade game like, moved to a Tower Controller game that was more planning and execution in style, which I prefered. The new graphics and immersion qualities are stunning. I can’t vouch for realism, you can’t even get me on a real plane except in a museum. Too many ‘1st World’ problems for people to get worked up about and far too much animosity towards developers if all the users personal preferences or timetables are not met. Shame that there is so much nitpicking and fault finding by people who wouldn’t have a clue how to even start coding such a complex simulation.

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Having first used MSFS on a Macintosh in the early 90’s at university, I still find it hard to believe we are now at a stage were we are all comparing simulator imagery to real world. Having flown for many years both in the real world and simulator the immersion factor between the two has significantly been narrowed by Asobo’s / Microsofts accomplishments. Still have to pinch myself sometimes at how truly visually stunning MSFS is.


That was my feeling when I saw the weather for the first time. After many years in MS flight sims. and about 10 in FSX, I switched to xplane just for the Ortho and filled a 8tb drive. I was in the other sim only a year before MSFS was released, bought my 9700K 'puter, and was waiting and ready the month after that trailer was released. Compared to FS95? Yeah, I think us oldies appreciate what we have. I Even cant imagine what the Inventor of “Study Level” , Eric Ernst and his PIC 767, what he would say now. God rest his soul.


Same here, with the only but important faulty on the AI Traffic System

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Yes, AI traffic system needs work, so, for me more importantly does the ATC. But I have heard rumors that is being rewritten.
The ‘fly by’ feature we had in FSX was also neat and being able to just move back into the cabin was neat. Made it easy to turn from pilot to passenger just by pressing a few buttons. not realistic, sure, but fun. I dont think any of these features are technically particularly challenging but do not seem to be a priority. Well, ATC maybe, seems they are working on that.
But you see, the more you get, the more you want :wink:
Having said all that, it does seem to me that the Team behind the Simulator is genuinely excited still by the Sim. A good thing. Long may it last.

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I grew up with this! F19 Stealth Fighter for the Amiga 500+



But utmost perfection is so important.


Original picture used as template:


And I enjoyed R-Type and good Commodore 64 and Amiga games too in my youth!
But when I see graphics glitches and texture bugs I cannot make them unseen - it needs to be fixed :wink:
No matter how small… That´s the curse of a graphics designers and modders, no matter how old :smiley:

By the way did anyone enjoy Falcon 4.0 and Flight Simulator 2000 Professional with that Concorde flying into the sunset on it´s CD ROM case?