Wishlist sorting in marketplace broken

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The sorting options for the wishlist in the marketplace do not sort as expected. As far as I can remember this has never worked for me on my XBox. In the screenshot the sorting does not
seem to work for any of the options. The two airports in the upper right of the list stay at the
same position, no matter what order is selected. I cannot see a pattern that would explain the observable order. Am I missing something?

I think the sorting problems occur in other parts of the marketplace as well, but the Wishlist is where try to use the sorting options most often.

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Add addons (currently about 100) to wishlist and try sorting options.

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XBox Series X

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Most recent AAU2 Beta, but also in SU12 and previous versions

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Hello @RimcaHiwao,
I’ve altered your title and added a pc tag as this also occurs on PC.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

I have the same issue, where the marketplace wishlist sorting system (Best rating, price low to high, etc) isnt sorting properly.

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I have this issue on on PC MS Store version. No filters were set.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

In this example, I have sorted by ‘Best rating’. It can be noted that the first product (EBBR) has a rating of 4.7, followed by Aeropostale with 5.0 and then Goliath at 4.5 stars.

This example highlights ‘Price low to high’ where the prices are not sorted from lowest price to highest price.

This example shows the sorting ‘Z ← A’ but jumps all over the place.

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So in the current version (end of Oct 2023), on XBox Series X, it is still broken. It is not just the wishlist, it is anytime I am trying to change the sorting, like „sort by ratings). The rating numbers go up and down when scrolling through the results. I cannot make out any consistent pattern, except that it always sorts the entries in the same wrong way.

My wishlist has more than 100 entries, but since this also happens for others listings in the Marketplace, that might not be relevant.

Seems fixed for me in the new Beta build.

Thanks. I just got started with the Beta and noticed some improvements as well. The sorting by price seemed correct. Sorting by rating still went up and down when scrolling through the list, but perhaps its correct when considering the number of ratings like in your screenshot? The Vision Jet with 4.7 and 1.3k votes gets a higher rank than the C182 with 4.8, but just 284 votes? I can understand why this is better, but it can be confusing.

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It appears to go by model/name first, then rating, when Best Rating is selected.
Example from mine, the 737-800, 4.4 star is before the 737-700, 4.5 star
The amount of votes doesn’t appear to be taken into account, just the Star Rating.

I added the 3 T-6G to test. It adds them in order of star rates, but still a little weird, not sure why fs-birds would be in the middle?

But yes, it is sorting out all items in the wish list now.

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