World Map is incredibly LOW-RES...missing VRP for VFR ---- it's impossible to plan any VFR flight for leisure

Hi everyone,
apart from enjoying the sim from time to time (I miss the patches issues…since it’s a mess actually…),
I would like to state one thing, which I see almost missing here in the forum… why has nobody raised such an important question?

The World Map resolution in the Main Screen is absolutely terriblethe resolution quality is abysmal… there are no city names, no town names…

If one would want to create just a “fake” flight near a tiny lake, or a landmark in the middle of nowhere but in a peculiar spot… it’s impossible as the resolution is so LOW that you can just “guess” where you are.

You can’t see any road, any city, any lake… since you use Bing Maps for the sim, wouldn’t it be easier to show a Bing map there?? Albeit in lower res??

Right now it’s a joke… you can just select an airfield nearby and then go to a close destination by guess…

Also… where are the VFR Visual Reference Points???
I can see the IFR ones when I load them in the map, but VFR VRP are missing.

I hope such a big issue could be fixed in the future.


Can’t argue with that, it would be nice to have an actual street map layer on the World Map that you can turn on and off.

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Yes, many of us would like to have a better World Map with improved visual references and route planning. Please vote:


Not sure…but Little Navmap is what I use in my goto sim…not sure if it works with MFS…might be worth a try.

Agreed, sometimes or often it’s hard to find a small airport or VFR reference point

For my VFR usage, this map is simply useless. Let’s go unbind the “V” key and set to a screenshot capture instead. + use an external program with a proper map (SdVFR, Little Nav Map or my real navigation app).

Use the freeware Little Navmap to have a perfect map. No need of VFR anymore.

I can definitely recommend littlenavmap. You have so many options to plan your vfr flight and you can easily export it to msfs as a backup :slight_smile:

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I’m cool with them adding VFR charts to the map later but there’s so many glaring issues that I’d rather them take care of before that. For now try SkyVector or little Navmap or 20 other EFB’s. SkyVector and Simbrief together are awesome for what you want, but doing it all in one app is nicer than three, I get it. Right now I Flight Plan in Skyvector and or Foreflight and import my FP into MSFS via Simbrief which works just fine, You’ll have to edit the .fpl with notepad for VFR as Simbrief keeps making the .fpl as an IFR which takes like 10 seconds then just load the fpl in Microsoft FS. theres other EFB’s as well that may do it all in one step so you’d be able to only have one extra step but this is my preferred method. Of course there are some draw backs other than the obvious one of extra steps in planning.

Sry to ask maybe after very long time,

are airspaces missing from VFR map? If not, then not need VRP defined, you can navigate by airspaces and real VFR map :slight_smile: as real and as i do so.

Agree. It seems in this day and age it should be fairly easy to include a more detailed world map. As it is right now, it’s very primitive. MS can do better!

The world map feels like a place holder, to be worked on at a later date and not a fully formed and realised service.

It really needs fleshing out, with a lot more functionality and usable visuals.

The little navmap is pretty good. I do use foreflight but there are a lot of nice features in navmap. I don’t actually use the world much, maybe because of Foreflight but I do see the point for more details on it

I would like to tout my (free) Flight Planner, which shows what Bing Maps can do for this application.

In fact, I will offer my source code free to MS/Asobo (if they give me “programmer credit” ).

Use external free map tools like Plan-G Map, Little Navmap or VFRmap. They are much more flexible and include all navaids and airports in the game database (they are imported during setup).