World Update VI Issue - Stuck in an install loop

Downloading World Update VI, initially about 2.67 Gb, and every time mine gets to approx 2.6 Gb, it shoots back to about 50% downloaded and starts again.

After umpteen loops my only option appeared to be to bin out of MSFS, and start it up again. This time, I have 720 odd Mb update, but it does the exact same thing, and installs up to about 95%, and then resets back to 50% and keeps downloading.

Came out of MSFS yet again, started it in Safe Mode, and now it’s downloading 15.52Gb!??
Not sure where this one will end up, although I fear with yet another downloading loop.

Virus protection switched off just in case that was the issue, although I’ve not had an issue with any of the previous updates.

Anyone else had a similar issue, or able to suggest any other options?



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