World update woes

Why is it that every time a world update is to occur my sim plays up for a couple of days prior to the release.
The thing takes so long to load, then I get a message that my bandwidths is not enough and when it does load it freezes on the world map for an extended amount of time upto five minutes then goes nowhere.
This happens ever time an updates is to occur.
It is March 22 in the early AM here in Australia right now. It is a pain.

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That behavior seems to indicate network/server issues related to your location.


Seems weird, I’m in Melbourne and never had an issue around updates. Running fine this morning.

Melbourne also, so it maybe be my provider but, I only have these issues at update never any other time.

Correlation doesn’t = causation

Us humans are quite good at detecting patterns.

But sometimes patterns are just patterns like the shape of a cloud.

It could be pure coincidence.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all your internet provider runs maintenance or something around the same time of the month updates drop. Or something like that.

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Now there is a possibility.

Another way would be to plan your msfs days off, for a couple days at around updates. Take a break from flying and let the traffic die down. Similar to not going to the corner store during rush hour😁

Exactly. I never update on release day, I always wait a few days and never on a weekend.

World Update 8: Iberia postponed to March 24 - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

My conspiracy theory is that days before a world or sim update, Asobo is already updating their backend systems and could also already be testing some features before the actual release of the update.

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I’d probably ned to go into rehad…lol

Got to agree. My sim plays up at least two days before the update release, so my trhought is trhatb Asobo is doing something on their end.

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