World Update X: United States and US Territories

the USA needs an update of map data badly, it really needs work, so it’s good news. I think lots of people fly the US anyway, at least i do. I think parts of Europe were done much better than the US, so this is needed


what time is it coming out?

Really!! Some people will never be satisfied! Blah blah blah!


I try not to buy many cities in fear of WU just steamrolling over them.

Wonder with happens with Udvar Hazy with an upgraded IAD that has it too, plus the already excellent DC by dzewseki’s(sp). Doubt the MS one added boats to the water and a bunch of other minute details including DC all the way out through Anacostia and to to RFK. Have to see if they did the Washington Harbor/MGM area, as that is completely miserable in the game.

At least it doesn’t cover over that excellent new Sedona scenery add on. Or my key west, now I can hop back and forth to Largo.

They really needed some updates to the US east coast beaches, they’re pretty miserable scenery wise. But I’m mostly happy with it, if they did CHICAGO ATLANTA or SAN FRANSISCO those are pretty big updates they just glean past in a few seconds of the video. At least Hatteras is now on the map other then a black/white blob on the ground.

At the least, looks like a lot of new places friendly to the Goose.

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I read as free content. Asobo/Microsoft could easily charge for these world updates (and a lot of other companies would) and people would still get them and pay for them. There’s a lot about this sim which is very good value for money. Maybe its Asobo’s way of thanking people for their patience with a simulator which is a constant work in progress. Either way I’m pretty grateful to them.


So after looking at the list, is it safe to say that NYC photogrammetry is still the same as before (2014)?


:sweat_smile: Perhaps you don’t know my history here in the forums, or you just fed me my own medicine

“But still…” meant that I felt it’s unfair for all those who are not from the most popular areas to revisit USA before covering all the rest first.


No, we paid for the updates as well. It’s sold as software that will be regularly updated for 10 years.

That’s what we bought.

Look guys, I’m not complaining about the new WU…it’s good.

I just hate it when people think something is free when it’s not.


no more from me on this



I haven’t put WU9 on, is that safe to do so?

Believe me there’s tons missing from the US. Typically you have two enhanced areas a decent flight apart, and it’s just mush along the way, particularly on the east coast.

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That’s simply because there has always been plenty of options of good scenery for USA in flight sim history. I’m pretty sure that if other countries had just as good scenery, those areas would also see a lot of flight sim traffic too.

It’s pretty convenient to say, but is frustrating for folks who have been waiting for world updates of other regions.


Sooooo what is the content in the US ? Cant dind anywhere … just elevation data … or also new airorts / cities ?

Absolutely blown away. This sim is simply amazing. Just amazing.

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yeah, bit sad they went for this ones. i own both, Block Island and Catalina…

Deluxe and premium updates seem big. Around 1gb each. What’s updated?

see the patchnotes under the “NEWS” section at the top

One of the updated POIs is the Arecibo Observatory, so I would assume Puerto Rico is part of the update.

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