Worldwide - please clear snow from airports! (and roads too would be cool but yaaa)

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snow completely makes non 3rd party airfields invisible as no clearance happens
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fly in snow
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ryzen3700xt, rtx3070, 32gb ddr4 ram
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always. Was also raised as an issue in dec 2020.

I agree. Winter runways at large airport are for mostly black during normal operations.


This is a good idea for large actively maintained airports, however many smaller airports and airstrips (in places such as northern Canada and Alaska, US) are not swept to remove snow, or even maintained for that matter!

If this was implemented it would need to be on a highly airport specific basis and be coupled with lower or higher runway friction depending on the particular surface conditions.

Well, that would definitely depend. Countries in the alps are very quick to clear snow in most places. Maybe just a blanket snow removal for Europe and then America Canada on a case by case basis…?

I’m going to bump this again as its ruining immersion for me. I live in Innsbruck, last night we had about half a foot of snow arrive. I heard the first plane leave at 7am this morning.
Here is Innsbruck in game:

And here is a still from a webcam photo of Innsbruck right this minute in reality!

as you can see, in reality the taxiways and runways have been cleared. The airport has been open for less than 2 hours, and you can see the plough standing there…
Its just suuuuper annoying flying into places like Innsbruck and Kangerlussuaq (which is also going to clear snow) to find a full 2 foot snow layer sitting on the runway…


Get rid of the snow on runways, taxiways and aprons everyone have a vote on here so it gets really noticed…

This is another bug that’s been around since last winter when they first introduced snow. I don’t expect it’ll be fixed anytime soon, if ever.

if we annoy them enough about it.

Hi all! As this is currently a wish item - not a bug but how it’s currently designed - please contribute here so votes are not split on duplicate topics: