Wrong Building dimensions and heights after Update

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arround the missing airport EDAY at Strausberg, Germany (52° 35’ 7.10’’ N 13° 54’ 48.88’’ E) there are in real small houses and some small factory buildings. But what’s there definitely not, are big office buildings like skyscrapers. But this is what you see after the 1.9.3 Update.



Is it possible, to get the old buildings back?



What the heck? Finally get a good-performing sim and now the eye candy and different aircraft are bugged.

Did you file a Zendesk (link at top of page) report? It’s how to let the developers know there’s an issue. Thanks! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

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O.K. I send a bug report via Zendesk.


This bug is a extreme immersion Killer.

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I have the same issue and created a thread in the bug forum. Please up-vote. Thanks!


Thank you; it helps a lot! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

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Ah, ok. I voted it up.

can we call it the gentrification bug?


:+1: Yeah, you made my day! :smile:

And sharpness now is so bad , lost image quality .

PLEASE FIX it omg.

I see the same in western regions of Germany. I have reported it at Zendesk. This is really destroying the imersion and for me it is a showstopper. I hope they release a hotfix for this.

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I thought the same thing. Its another bug. Your graphics settings stay set to the same in the settings menu after the update but it is not actually using them. You have to change the global preset slider to something lower, save it, and then set back to high or ultra or whatever you had and save again. Then the fidelity will be back.

Here is a fix to put in your community folder which removes the Skyscrapper buildings.

There is a also version enforcing the use of higher detail 3D buildings at a distance!


Welcome to FSX for this New udapte oh my god .

I just went for a nice flight over northern MN, lots of little towns, and no skyscrapers. I wonder if its a regional bug? :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Thx a lot, awesome work who ever did it:)) It is a general bug, but the DfltLod one fixed the problem in my case …

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It seems to have to do with open street map attributes:
If a building owns attributes “type” of “office” or “commercial “ then the new original overwrite is a building at least with 12 levels…

So deleting as in the fix doesn’t consider that overwrite anymore and might be the best solution for the 95% of the AI buildings in the world… as we see with this great fix :blush:

A question to the author of the fix: why not exclude the setting group for office and commercial within the airport? As they seem to have a good value having the value of 2 leves

I think Blackshark could do a local overwrite set for office building, considering for example if other high rise buildings are close the neighborhood (< 300m), only then overwriting the unknown height for buildings in that close cluster area of high buildings only… on the other side they could calculate correct heights if finally bing map data would give good image additional information like: date and hour of picture, angle / position of satellite or other camera, to determine the building height, instead of do some random estimates and osm relations with no topographic relations respecting building height, such as type office or commercial…

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Thank you for your kind words! The fix initially started as a proof of concept in removing all the additional overrides from the last version. As this was apparently working but editing original files is not the best solution, I quickly turn this into a community folder fix and make it accessible to a wider number of people.

I didn’t expect this would spread into the forum so fast though! The more people are reporting about the fix the more I realize how helpful the fix is: someone posed this screenshot with a tall building right in the path of the final to the runway!!

You’re right we could come up with more fine grained changes and spend some time on this collectively coming up with a finer fix, but for now I also think it is solving the immediate issue which is whether you can’t fly anymore because of obstructing buildings and have to wait until next patch end of October. I believe this particular issue at least is warrant of a hotfix and given the change made to fix it this should be easy for Asobo to spot was is wrong and what should be done.


Thanks for your work on this. A minor bug, but somehow it annoyed me more than any other. I was resigned to waiting another couple of weeks for Asobo to take note. Well done!

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