Wrong ILS path in EDDS 25 (Stuttgart) - WU6. Anyone else seeing this?

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Microsoft Store
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Several but none should affect this, with the possible exception of Navigraph data
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Approach at ILS 25 of Stuttgart seems to bring the aircraft to land on the grass (at the right side of the runway). I repeated it twice and found the same.
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The red arrow shows the path the aircraft is going to follow, not ending on the runway…
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Just try landing at EDDS ILS 25
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Not relevant, but for the record i711700F, 32 Gb RAM, RTX3060Ti
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WU6 (, which introduced this airport as “hand-crafted”
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Store (again)
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There is aleady a Thread about the same issue with ILS07 localizer at EDDS. Be8ng off.

I think this wil be the Same issue.

oops, my mistake…
I searched for “EDDS” before posting, must have entered wrongly my text in the search box.
Hope the mods can merge this post with the other, or close this one

Closed as duplicate.