WSSS Changi in Singapore CTD

I bought WSSS Changi and was really impressed with the model and flying around Singapore in general.

However I’ve had to delete the files (WSSS found in the onestore location with local cache/official packages) otherwise the program will not reload at that location and proceeds to CTD while loading.

I assume the package will be updated at some point or maybe the new update?

Anyone else found this?

If you mean the one by Cloudsurf Asia Simulations, I haven’t had the same issues. Works like a charm for me.

That being said, you can ask the developers directly on their discord, they’re very responsive

Also, they have a major update coming (adding the new runway and more).

Thanks, it seems there are some similar issues and we had a good chat. Will wait until after its updated and the world update 3 is out. It seems there are occasionally issues with some airports coexisting.

For now I’m not reinstalling WSSS (although it was a great airport) until I have reason to think it will be fine.

I’ve had other problems with other airport loading now, ever since I bought wsss. My local airport leeds Bradford now crashes and it had not failed previously.

I guess I’m just going to have to sit tight until updates are done.l

It’s tough, with so many aspects to it, occasional win10, NVIDIA updates etc it’s so hard to mail the exact problem, very frustrating.

It seems that other people are having crashing issues at airports regardless of WSSS. Not sure what can be causing it, to be honest.

No, it’s crashing all the time at my usual go to airport (leeds Bradford) bought from marketplace, never crashed until today. Deleted and restored 5/6 times and still crashes.

My community folder is empty save for the AFC_Bridge folder (put there by the Bravo Quadrant installer) all my community add ons are tucked away for when it all works fine.

I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of this. I think I’ll leave it until after world update 3.

I really don’t fancy reinstalling 193gb of data.

Since launch its mostly been ok, only lately with CTD

This might help. Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery - #2 by FoxMike1080 - Performance, Graphics & CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Seems like many users experiencing the same on other airports recently. I also experience this now with KIAD and KORD.

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Hello there!

I’ve experienced a 100% CTD - rate choosing WSSS as departure location.

After a good talk with the WSSS - Devs in their Discord & some troubleshooting we’ve discovered the “GMMN” - package (ingame-shop) as a safe reason for CTDs at WSSS.

After de-installing GMMN via content manager & re-installing WSSS in community-folder: no more ctd occurred.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

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