[Xbox Series X/S] Visual Downgrade - LOD Reduction

That’s the first time I’ve heard about PC players having this problem. Can you elaborate on that?


Over time the visuals have deteriorated A LOT. They keep removing the beauty that once was MSFS.
The strange thing is, that you would think they did it to trade better performance, but both performance and visuals have gone way down. Aaaand they refuse to admit it.

LOD is now way worse than before. The sim was “perfect” until SU5.
From there it has been very unstable with the same bugs (some major) coming back again and again. LOD was better with SU10 & SU11, but with the hotfixes after SU11 LOD is very very short. Even with Precache at ULTRA everything is popping in/out when panning and looking around. Stutters are once again insane when trying to look around, and when taxiing and below 200".

From high altitude you can clearly tell where buildings and trees stop, and the distance is very short. Especially night lighting looks absolutely awful, and on a clear skies night, the ground looks like FS2004.

The sim will never get any better i am afraid.


Its strange, this performance deterioration even on powerful PCs. If Sim Update 11 was fine on PC at release day it’s hard to understand what went wrong as the only new features (CFD airflow simulation) were added on realase day of SU11.


I was very critical of both performance issues and the LOD downgrade, but it’s not true that performance specifically has gone down on XSX overall. In fact, stability is way better, especially compared to how thing were 6-8 months ago.


After some weeks of absence due to becoming a father, I’m somehow sad that this topic has so many new entries after it seemed to be fixed in the beta. I’m hoping for the best when I get back to start the sim in the next weeks.
And man, I wish I could try SU5 for once to see the supposed past beauty that is never reached anymore afterwards.
Have a nice day everyone!


I agree with you that stability has improved significantly.

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Same here. Almost no CTDs.


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If only we could prove anything is askew in the beta forums.

So far, no dice.

After all kinds of testing, time and again, the sim appears to be running in beta as it should… with occasional server issues leading to occasional slow texture loading or pop in.

It is a bizarre situation where like in this thread, many insist something is wrong with their graphics, but when they try to show it in photos or reproduce the issue, all seems normal.

I am not saying the sim is working as it should. Just, nobody can show any difference that isn’t easily explained away for other reasons.

Even the devs have double checked our work in the beta forums and so far, have found nothing.

There might still be something askew, but at this point, it is as likely a dozen or so folks have just convinced themselves things aren’t as good as they once were and just keep claiming there is a difference in here. The echo chamber effect.

Like I said, it is a bizarre situation. And we have worked hard to turn over every leaf in beta to find any lingering issues so they can be fixed. So far, the LOD issue appears to be quelled.


It is indeed a very hard case to diagnose as the servers can be temperamental. There is another issue I think I’m seeing, relating to draw distance. It seems to me like the closer you get to the Earth’s equator, the better the draw distance gets, so nothern latitudes seem to look worse draw distance wise.

The emotional responses here are understandable to me. The LOD bug broke the graphics with SU11 on Xbox platform in a game we all love. We would like to see high commitment and care for the console versions going forward. Let’s hope that will happen and Asobo will show how much they care about us console users.


Ok, so the time to open e new thread that says “Resolve server issue ASAP please” is come.


Overdue perhaps! :joy:

If there isn’t one already.

I just tell myself the sim has moods and sometimes it has bad days. Tomorrow is often better.

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what i can say is that today , 30/01/2023 is not a good day visual wise…

altitude 31000 feet LFBZ to LFLL

well, it’s the end of the month tomorrow and I still haven’t seen the update. my guess is we’ll see it on the usual Thursday update instead (Feb 02.) what surprises me is even during night flights the issue persists. Instead of flying over cities where you can clearly see streets from the lights it just looks like an orange blob in a sea of black until you get up close. think I’ve flown about 10 times since the bug started back in November as a result.

Night lighting is LOD related. When the update drops, it should return to normal. It works as it should in beta.

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Is it weird to assume that it actually improved during this current beta? But I probably imagine things. Same for the missing UI after flights, that doesn’t happen to me neither the last couple of days🙄

For some strange reason I sometimes get the feeling they are tweaking stuff in the background.

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yes , that’s sometimes different from one day to another

what i noticed also is the hour you fly , textures look better at the end of the day than in mid day full sun , i do not talk here about tweaking

mid day is absolutly blurry , clouds , textures , sky …

morning and end of the day , everything looks much better from high altitude


I stepped away from this thread for a few days. Hope everybody’s been doing well.

Since I stepped away, I see that the team has confirmed that the LOD frame time issue from SU11 is still fixed as it should be. It appears I was wrong, so I apologize for the unjustified confidence that I placed in my incorrect assertions.

One of the assumptions that undergirded my argument was the idea that blurry roads and runways, and low polygon count objects were a result of the LOD frame time bug that many of us noticed in SU11. Perhaps this was never really the case. I’m not sure what to make of that; maybe I was noticing a visual blemish that had been there all along, and it got incorrectly lumped in with the reports of a newly discovered issue.

I’m certainly not the only one who notices poor runway, road, and building quality at a subjectively low threshold so it might be worth having a conversation about improving baseline LOD and mipmap thresholds anyway, regardless of whether they’re caused by a bug or not.


No. Neither the runways, not the streets, not the grass- and cornfields looked so clownish before.


Fixed in AAU I: Aircraft & Avionics I Release Notes []